Friday, March 30, 2012

Jim Balsillie, RIM co-founder, is leaving the company

The institutional crisis that is experiencing the Canadian company Research In Motion since 2011 was deepened by the removal of one of its key executives and historical.

"While my retirement settlement from RIM, I am grateful for this unforgettable experience and the opportunity to work with outstanding professionals who helped transform an idea into a successful Canadian world," referring to the once good times of the company that went in together and driven by its products (Blackberry) to success. For a while at least.

Although its displacement direction of the company before the election of Barbara Stymiest Thorsten Heins and co-chief executives and chairmen of the board respectively, at the expense of Mike Lazaridis (another historic signature) and it had left Balsillie Jim neuralgic away from areas of the company, actually losing for RIM is mostly symbolic: it was the co-founder of a crisis in the firm, which led to a profound restructuring. The removal of these charges came after several months in which there was speculation about a radical change in the board of the company based in Waterloo, Ontario.

But Balsillie's departure is not the only, but go with two other executives of the company. "On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank Jim for his 20 years of service to RIM," said the president of the board of directors Barbara Stymiest on Thursday, the same day that David Yach, head coach of the Canadian firm withdrew after 13 years of service. Meanwhile, Jim Rowan, chief operating officer (Global Operations) withdrew from RIM "decided to pursue other interests." After the departure of Rowan, Blackberry makers are looking for a new COO.

LG began mass production of flexible displays

This is the first official step of a product which the company says "promises to revolutionize the market for digital book readers." Device is a six-inch digital ink technology

The LG company has been working for several years to develop flexible displays for electronic devices, and this project took a major boost today with the start of mass production of this device, announced today by the South Korean firm.

The new star of the company is called E-Paper Display Plastic (Plastic EPD) and if still no details on what type of device is involved, transcended that features a six-inch XGA panel with 1024 × 768 pixels, and uses digital ink technology.

Its characteristic feature is the flexibility of the screen, which effectively doubles the team about 40 degrees from the center point. Has a thickness of only 0.7 millimeters and weighs 14 grams.

In addition to being folded, the EPD Plastic let readers design new ultra slim. And while the screen is flexible, the remaining components of the apparatus are not. On the other hand, from LG also announced a massive scale manufacture OLED displays, with the same features.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rapidshare is legal in Germany

The Most High Regional Court of Hamburg endorsed the company's operations in the European country, but must check the sites that link files and control files that are loaded

Following the closure of Megaupload, storage pages had to restructure its business to not suffer the same fate. Now, the German justice declared that Rapidshare is legal and can continue operating in the country.

The Most High Regional Court of Hamburg endorsed the company's operations within Germany. The company feared that its offices were closed and the closure of your servers as happened to Dotcom site.

But it has the backing Rapidshare court shall monitor the sites linked files and control content to avoid copyright offenses in the European country.

The page had to adapt their service and Germany was one of the places where they cost more to keep online and had to battle with a group of copyright protection that was constantly harassing the Swiss company.

The Most High Regional Court of Hamburg accepted the defense line on the legitimacy of service Rapidshare. Alexandra Zwingli, CEO of the firm, was pleased with the ruling and confirmed that control files to avoid making mistakes.

The court recognized that the business model RapidShare is legal and that all you have to do is block the external links that lead to protected content. According to Zwingli, "This is exactly what we have been doing for many years."

Samsung Galaxy Note sells 5 million units (to operators)

The hybrid smartphone and tablet launched by the South Korean brand reached this figure to 5 months of its launch. Countries with more devices sold are China, France and Spain.

The Samsung device is halfway between a tablet and a smartphone, and that before a strange bet resulted in the discovery of a new market niche (which Samsung seems to be well cared for), and cultivated a few months of his appearance the amount of 5 million units sold to operators.

With its 5.3 inch screen Super AMOLED, Dual core processor 1.4 GHz, resolution of 1280 x 800 and your stylus, the strange device located in high-end category has grown well without being the star product the mark like the Galaxy SII, while inventing a new category in the dynamic market of consumer electronics.

A couple of months nothing more we learned that the device reached the million units sold, and the same way as the current 5 million, sales were news at that time were not consumers, but phone companies. The same is remarkable that in December the Note was done with his first million without even having launched the product in a market as important as the U.S..

Also, it is not just the northern country which has been very successful in sales: China, France and Spain are the main markets, and are those who have helped the smartphone-tablet reaches this turnover, plus Samsung have the privilege of capturing the Note to 67% of the market share of smartphones in Korea.

But get past the numbers and better see Peter the elephant playing with the Galaxy Note.

Possible way out of Google Drive in April

The search company would already be well into plans to compete with successful products such as DropBox, SkyDrive from Microsoft, or Apple icloud recognized in the business of cloud storage.

Last month rumors are getting stronger with respect to a possible launch in April of Google Drive storage service finder for cloud computing.

Apparently, the service has to compete with similar successful initiatives as icloud, DropBox or Skydrive, provide full synchronization between devices, allowing storing and sharing documents and multimedia content and unifying virtual space the company offers to its other online applications as Docs, Picasa or Gmail.

The interface, meanwhile, would be similar to Docs, and the basic service would be 1GB of storage capacity at other subscription service (pay, obviously), an issue somewhat remarkable because, although not the same service, Gmail offers 7Gb of storage. However, the tentative date of launch of Google Drive would be at Easter.

Other ways in which we do with the brand new service will be through an application for Google Apps and other packages indepedientes, because Google will provide an API that developers can access.

For now is all a rumor quoted by various means, to which Google in particular has not confirmed or denied. Let's wait until you can dip into the new service.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The new iPad has a battery charge indicator "liar"

It was discovered that the battery charge indicator of the new iPad shows a level of 100% when in fact need to be connected over two Doras extra grid to reach full capacity.

Ray Soneira, DisplayMate company technician has conducted multiple tests on the brand new iPad 3 just managed to get their hands on. And he could make some surprising discoveries.

The first was that the consumption of the Retina Display screen is 250% higher than in previous versions, which could be causing overheating problems and less battery life that some users are reporting.

The second discovery was that despite Soneira the battery indicator on the new Apple tablet marked a level of 100%, the iPad really needs to stay connected at least two additional hours to reach full charge. This would also explain why many complain that the battery will last less than expected: it is because unknowingly disconnected when you still need a little more than hours to full charge.

It seems that this is due to an error in the algorithm that calculates the load level and to consider factors like the rhythms of normal loading and unloading and loading and unloading history of each particular device.

Not the first time that Apple does not do well the calculations and should release a patch to correct the error. After the release of iPhone 4 occurred the famous "Antenagate" the Cupertino company blamed the failure of a defect in the algorithm indicator signal from the antenna, which was corrected with an upgrade of IOS in a matter of days. Although at that time many did not believe it, shortly after he spoke no more than Antenagate. Will the same Apple to resolve this time some of the battery problems of the new iPad?

YouTube improved its video editor

This new update will give more quality to the images. Modifications can be undone in the event of other than want and incorporates a warning system to warn of imperfections in the material loaded

YouTube announced a new update to its video editor, in order to improve the product, add features and improve the quality of material uploaded by users in the portal.

The site launched "automatic leveling" for images, that with one click will help improve the production, adjusting different levels. The editor will notify the user with a message on your desktop if you can make some improvements.

If the video is shaky or dark, you can choose to correct and if changes are desired not be reversed, returning to the original state.

If the material has been loaded on the page give yourself a smartphone, allowing then be edited on a PC, offering the same tools. Also included are new effects.

The YouTube editor was introduced last year, and lets you edit videos online with basic options such as brightness, rotation, and the stabilization function, which improves the productions made from mobile phones or devices.

In the year 2014 more than 3000 million dollars will be sold in games for tablets

The consultancy Juniper Research issued a report which estimated that the gaming market for tablets exceed the 3000 million in revenue for 2014.

Since launching the first iPad in 2010, Apple not only defined a new way to interact between users and information, but also generated new business opportunities for large numbers of developers.

While early versions of the iPad it resembled rather an ebook reader with Internet browsing capability, subsequent developments showed that application was also an interesting option for casual gamers, and many other utilities. And now with the launch of the iPhone with its fantastic screen and ample processing power, the Apple tablet has become a strong competitor in the portable game consoles.

That's what the consultant says Juniper Research, which produced a detailed report on projected sales of video games in tablets through 2016, estimating that annual sales of $ 491 million in 2011, by 2014 will be sold 3000 million dollars in gaming for tablets.

Among the arguments of the consultant mentioned that the owners of tablets are typically high-income users, with more money available to spend on applications: "The tablets are expensive devices that are typically sold at a price of around $ 500 without the subsidies that apply to telephone operators smartphones. Their owners tend to have a level of expenditure above the base of smartphone users. So often spend more on game downloads and subscriptions to online games, compared to other demographics. "

In addition to that already reached technical maturity to "play seriously" (without thereby having to belittle the many casual gamers developments for, as the paradigmatic example of Angry Birds), another advantage of the tablets is its comfortable size and interface. According to Juniper, "users can clearly see the action on screen, no matter what the size of their hands."

Beyond any temperature problems and not always the touch interface can replace a good joystick, we believe that Juniper Research forecasts will come true due to the explosive growth of the market for tablets. The original report was presented on January 10, when no one imagined that the new iPad broke all sales records, surpassing the most optimistic expectations. And expect a significant rebound with the launch of Windows 8 and the appearance of tablets from multiple vendors running on Android.

But above all things, we believe the revenue will actually billionaire for two reasons: first, because the games are much cheaper compared to prices of other mobile console manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony, and second, because the tablets ( and especially the iPad) are superb devices to play, at least for casual gamers as usually most of the users of tablets.

Apple sold in one weekend the equivalent of a quarter of all Android tablets

The undisputed market dominance by Apple has consequences: in one weekend iPad sold 25% of tablets equipped with Google's OS.

Three million in three days was the fact that surprised us a couple of days on sales of the new iPad. Taking this figure (again, only sales of the third version of the Apple tablet, not counting the previous two), you get to the incredible conclusion that in those few days of sales, Apple sold so many New Cases as 25% Total sales of Android tablets.

If, as they are reading from the first to the last tablet, Android currently has 12 million devices. And Apple sold a quarter of that number in 3 days. In view of why the Fanboys say the iPad is the new iPod. The capture of much of the market in excellent condition and almost no competition leading to the correct comparison. So much so that to extend the analogy, and take it to another level than the apple, we may have to quote the Standard Oil by John D. Rockefeller, but only for teaching purposes. Still, the situation allows us to further analysis.

It was obvious we had mastery over some markets Apple, but this ratio (which makes them see the tablet market more like "the market for iPad") provides us with a confirmation: Apple can not win, at least for Now, if you play your own game. In short, the only ones that could bring even remotely similar results have been the Kindle Fire and Nook, both attacking the lower segment of the market, which just this iPad is not engaged, since input prices tripled of the above products.

Google, at least in regard to release its own tablet PC, could see that you're better compete with Amazon rather than against Apple. If the seeker realized this in the hardware, now would need to take the post with respect to its Android OS, and acknowledged. More taking into account also that Windows seems determined this year to enter fully with the tablets.

Nokia improves navigation systems throughout the series Lumia

Drive Applications, Maps and Transport updated to provide an optimal navigation service across the range Lumia.

One of the strengths of Nokia smartphones has historically been the quality of its navigation services. So no surprise that in an effort to regain lost ground, the company has decided to optimize applications Drive, Maps and Transport for all your online Lumia.

Nokia Drive 2.0 provides as major new offline GPS navigation (available in Nokia's previous models but applied for the first time under Windows Phone 7.5). Once downloaded the map of the region, it is necessary to use an Internet connection to search for addresses, plan routes or modify them. This is very important to tourists, who otherwise were unable to use the service or had to pay a high cost for the 3G connection necessary for navigation.

The new Nokia Maps, in addition to showing the current state of traffic in many cities worldwide (including, for example, Mexico City) now includes the ability to store "favorite" and share them via SMS, e-mail and social networks.

Finally, Nokia Transport is a very useful software for travelers as it provides information on public transport in over 500 cities in 46 countries. That way you can get directions from one point to another in a city using trains, subways or collective, without additional downloads: data from all cities are built into the application.

Improves with each Lumia range becomes more attractive. With the imminent arrival of the Nokia Lumia to Latin America, this service can make a big influence on purchasing decisions with respect to other smartphones, of course if offered at a competitive price and if the maps are to match what Nokia we have come to the region.

NVIDIA threw the new GeForce GTX680, the most powerful up to the date

The firm says its latest nortenamericana GPU performance is almost 50% higher than its nearest rival, the Radeon HD 7970.

The brand new GeForce GTX680, the first GPU-based graphics architecture Kepler was launched yesterday by NVIDIA. According to the company it is the faster and more efficient PC gamers created to date, combining superlative performance with low power consumption.

On the Kepler architecture, Solange Consens, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at NVIDIA for Latin America, said: "The new platform is one of the greatest technical achievements of our firm to this day because it brings tremendous gains in performance and exceptional efficiency. Gamers love GTX680 performance and that does not require a noisy fan or power sources exotic. "

According to figures released by NVIDIA, the GeForce GTX680 is 43% faster in games of last generation compared to its closest competitor, the Radeon HD 7970 and consumes 28% less energy. It also offers twice the performance per watt than the GeForce GTX580, the flagship of the family fermi it replaces.

Some of the new technologies included in the GeForce GTX680 are:

-A new multi-block flow, known as SMX (for its acronym in English), which delivers double the performance per watt compared to previous generation products

- Special components of card, including sinks and pipes acoustic heat dissipation High efficiency enabling a silent gaming

- NVIDIA GPU Boost, which dynamically adjusts GPU speeds to maximize gaming performance

-New technologies and TXAA FXAA VSync and Adaptive antialiasing to improve visual quality without sacrificing the gaming performance

-Support for up to 4 monitors - three of them in 3D - on a single card for 3D gaming experience massive

-Made with the new 28-nm process from TSMC, with support for PCI-E Gen 3 and DX11.1

As for availability, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 is now available for all major card manufacturers worldwide, including ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, Point of View, PNY , and Zotac. The estimated price for the American public is $ 499 USD.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Computer insecurity record: In 2011, 174 million accounts stolen

The number of cases quadrupled compared to 2010, although the economic damage was minimal. Also, ensure that 97 percent of the cases was neutralizable.

The telecommunications firm Verizon released its annual report which states that 174 million digital records were compromised in 2011, registering a rise greater than 4,000 percent from the year 2010, when four million accounts were compromised.

According to Verizon, this increase can be explained by the work done by groups like Anonymous hacktivists, since 68 percent of the 855 cases studied reported safety data theft carried out by hackers. Despite the volume of extracted information, the report notes that the economic damage appears to be minimal.

He also notes that over 90 percent of attacks were recorded using techniques "core" of intrusion and 97% of all malicious events could have been avoided without the need for companies to carry out difficult or expensive measures to neutralize theft data.

The report also ruling that 79 percent of the attacks were opportunistic, low risk, thus calling into question the role of relevant organizations should take computer security policy. Hence, perhaps, 85% of the affected companies were SMEs with less than 1,000 employees of the trade sectors, food and hospitality.

These conclusions were based on an investigation of 855 cases of computer insecurity, with the help of the U.S. Secret Service and security agencies of the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland and Australia.

Windows Phone overcame Symbian in the United Kingdom

The 2.5% of phones sold in the country incorporating Microsoft technology, against 2.4% of Nokia. Also, IOS and Android continue as market leaders within the English

As we planned Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Windows Phone seems to be the best way for devices from the Finnish company, at least in the English market.

According to a study that evaluated the buying trends for three months in the United States, the computers operating system for mobile Microsfot outperformed those incorporating Symbian technology.

In the British territory, about 2.5% of buyers preferred mobile phone smartphone with Windows Phone on the 2.4% who chose the software developed by Nokia.

In this context, the Lumia 800 of the Finnish company captured 87% of Windows Phone sales throughout Europe, and became the best selling device in which use the same operating system.

Thus, the numbers start to agree with Elop, who from the beginning opted for promoting Microsoft's operating system, to be the third largest mobile ecosystem in the long term, so that losses on sales of short-term Symbian could be assumed smoothly.

However, despite this breakthrough, IOS and Android platforms continue to dominate smartphone sales in the UK.

Battleship - Official Trailer

Clash of the Titans 2 : Wrath of the Titans !

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dell would release a tablet with Windows 8

A company executive said that they were working on their next entry into the tablet market, focusing primarily on the business sector and based on Windows 8, though not ruling out a future product with Android OS.

Steve Felice, Dell's chief executive, told Reuters ahead that there is "a work plan on tablets that have not yet announced," while he thought about tablets in general saying "we do not think this market is closed to anything."

The first outpost of this unannounced Dell work plan would be a new line of tablets that would run Windows 8, which would be designed in principle for the business sector, which would see the light about the same time that the new version OS from Microsoft. Just from Dell demonstrated tactile impressed by the performance offered by Windows 8, which is why they were thinking to partner with Microsoft for their return to the market after the Streak, considered by many as a business failure. Also, Felice did not exclude future Android as software provider for branded products.

If one speaks of an entry to the scene of the tablets, and unless you have a strategic Google, the team to beat will always be the iPad. In this sense, Dell would ship this year with new ideas.

Is that the battle against Apple may seem uneven, although it is clear that Dell is not intended to compete and in the consumer technology (the undisputed strength of the apple), so opt for the business sector, albeit with good penetration, as one of weaker legs Cupertino. About that, since the company rely on their historical relationship with the business sector: the dissatisfaction felt by office workers to the "dumb" computers that their employers require them to use could result in an advantage for technology vendors such as Dell, issue also would put them in a good position compared to Apple. Felice said about Apple many commercially are security concerns, interoperability, systems and device management, areas in which Dell may be a better provider, while the iPad felt left much to be desired in terms of processing power and ease writing.

In just 3 days were sold 3 million units of the new iPad

Philip Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing for the Cupertino firm, said the launch of the new tablet has been the most successful online iPad so far.

According to figures released by Apple, in just three days have already been sold over 3 million units of the new iPad, offered for sale in 10 countries on 16 March. Philip Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing for the company said the launch of the tablet has been "the most successful online iPad so far."

These data are corroborated by just making a tour of the Apple numbers. The first version of the iPad did not reach 3 million units sold until after 80 days of its release. In turn, the iPhone 4, one of the most successful gadgets of the Cupertino firm, had sales of 1.7 million units within 3 days after launch.

These figures not only confirm the momentum of the company run by Tim Cook, who just closed the most successful quarter in its history, selling 15.43 million iPads around the world.

Apple, now considered the world's most valuable company by market capitalization in excess of 560,000 million dollars, will launch its new tablet in 24 countries on 23 March. These include Spain and Mexico, the only Spanish-speaking countries where, for the moment, the signing of the apple will release the new iPad.

Western Digital buys Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

The acquisition was made by an amount close to U $ S3.900 million in cash and 25 million shares of common stock WDC.

Western Digital Corp. announced it has completed the acquisition of Viviti Technologies Ltd. (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) for U $ S 3,900 million in cash and 25 million shares of common stock WDC, valued at about $ S900 million. So, Hitachi Ltd. He becomes the owner of about 10% of the outstanding shares of Western Digital, which gives the right to appoint two representatives to the board.

The new Western Digital WD Technologies will operate and HGST as wholly owned subsidiaries and will be led by John Coyne as CEO, Steve Milligan as president and COO Tim Leyden and Wolfgang Nickl as CFO.

"The completion of this aadquisición truly momentous event represents the 42-year history of the company," said Coyne, who also added that "With the ownership of two successful companies and the best talent available in the industry, we expect great things As we build the new WD to become the provider worldwide leader in storage solutions with the most comprehensive technological capabilities, the broadest portfolio of products and the best execution of its kind in the industry. "

The CEO clarified that the two subsidiaries will compete in the market with different brands and product lines, but they share "common values ​​of customer satisfaction and value creation and growth and consistent profitability."

For John Ryding, vice president of research at the Division and Semiconductor Drives at IDC "Mobility, cloud infrastructure, social businesses and large analytical data sources are stimulating demand for digital content in new formats and new segments market, creating the need for an increasing array of storage products and technology resources for storage solution providers. "

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dev-Team has managed to Jailbreak the new iPad 3

Also the team is friends Dev-Team finally gets to Jailbreak the new iPad 3 launched a few hours on sale. It is believed that the hacker i0n1c be the first to demonstrate a jailbreak for the iPad again. As you told us that the Dev Team jailbreak method used for the iPad 2 4 months ago still works on IOS 5.1. MuscleNerd member of the Dev-Team has released new photos on Twitter showing that it has been possible to Jailbreak the new iPad 3 which takes 12 hours or for sale.

This is the first step of future IOS Untethered Jailbreak 5.1 by the time we only have these pictures. And wait for more news and release date..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinterest new problems: large companies complain about the ownership of its brands

Due to an omission in the rules of Pinterest, the URLs of the big names are being taken by unscrupulous users, in order to later sell to the highest bidder.

A birth as unstable as that of Pinterest could not be exempted from some labor pains. The brand new social network is very simple to use, and that very simplicity is a matter of some problems that may affect it in the short term. Happens to register a URL in Pinterest not have any kind of restriction, so many users have used to address appropriate markings in the future could be worth lots of money.

For example, the PC maker Dell was late because her Pinterest URL has been registered on behalf of one Dell Idrus ( / Dell). And the courier company Federal Express your URL is occupied by Nikki English ( / FedEx) that has not even bothered to use the service and obviously took advantage of the regulatory vacuum Pinterest unscrupulous purposes.

These are just two examples of a very serious situation. According to the consultancy Econsultancy, 90% of major brands have been usurped by Pinterest cybersquaters. The effects could be devastating, resulting loss of confidence and abuse URLs by speculators make a dangerous cocktail capable of causing massive loss of users of the new social network.

Rapid growth has caused Pinterest its internal structure is not up to the circumstances. In fact, have not even had time to hire a press spokesman before. Its founders Ben Silverman and Evan Sharp have closed their public profiles in Pinterest to avoid being harassed by the public. Indeed, the secrecy of its founders, which contrasts with the expansive appearance of Mark Zuckerberg, does not seem typical of people who have developed a site for social purposes.

So far only five major brands have managed to successfully register their URLs: Coca Cola, General Electric, American Express, Accenture and Volkswagen. The most successful is the website of the gas, while the URL of American Express was reserved as a preventive and not even have uploaded your logo.

Lenovo wants to launch the first tablet that works with Windows 8

The competition to reach October with the first tablet that supports Windows 8 is fierce as it not only includes Lenovo, but also Dell, HP, Nokia and Asus, among other industry leaders.

In October as a limit, the imminent release of Windows 8 has launched the race to be the first to submit a tablet that uses the new Microsoft operating system. And Lenovo is ready to achieve that goal at all costs.

Belonging to the company sources confirmed to The Verge "they have strict internal plans to be the first company with a Windows-based tablet 8 in October." Thus looking to get ahead of Dell, Nokia, Asus and HP, which have the same intention as Lenovo but which no data exists on its progress.

Still unknown technical details to be submitted Lenovo tablet, but according to that seen at CES, for The Verge the leading candidate is the IdeaPad Yoga, Intel, a 13.3-inch screen and a keyboard also hinged serves to convert it into notebook and thus could be the perfect hardware for Windows 8.

Does it really pays to be the first to launch this kind of products to market, when other competitors appear within days or even hours? Obviously, marketing activities are worth the effort committed to being "first row" with an attitude that recalls the opposite version of the row from which want to be the first to have an iPad.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nokia present the 500, a style for each user

The Finnish company has a team with interchangeable grips, to attack the input range of smartphones with a touch of style.

Nokia launches new smartphone Nokia 500 with touchscreen and interchangeable covers in red, cyan and black, which give personality to the team.

The Nokia 500 has the Anna Symbian operating system with enhanced software features and a fast web browser.

It boasts a 1GHz processor, which offers users the ability to have several applications open at once, switching from one to another quickly and easily, and run the most demanding without losing speed in navigation.

The Nokia 500 has a camera of 5 megapixels, 3.2 inch capacitive 640 × 360 pixel resolution, internal memory storage of 2 GB expandable to 32 GB via microSD and 3G/WiFi connectivity.

It also supports WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and chat, which are updated directly on the home screen. The 500 also has Nokia maps preloaded modern for users to register their location at any time by synchronizing with social networks. It also works with Nokia Store, allowing us to download applications and other forms of entertainment.

The Nokia 500 are sold through Movistar to $ 729 to $ 129 plan, with staff to $ 699 to $ 129 plan and course plan to $ 749 with $ 149 and $ 799 with $ 99 plan.

University of Cambridge develops device that erases the printed paper

Is usual to find, next to areas of reprographics or printing of any office, a recycling bin for paper that is usually full of papers printed by mistake, pages that were printed for a meeting or papers were sent to print and person who sent you forgot to pick up work. Now that many companies are adjusting structural costs to cut costs, spending on printing and paper is one of the many companies reviewed, both in economic terms as the protection of the environment. Thinking of saving paper, a team from the University of Cambridge has been working on an "anti-printer" can clear a paper printed by a laser printer for recycling in the office and can be reused .

Typically, in a laser printer, as its name implies, uses a laser to ionize positively charged areas of the paper on which to print and which are projected toner particles are negatively charged and are attracted to these areas, then through the printer fuser heat the paper and the ink adheres to it, giving your printed paper output. In the case of anti-printer, a laser is used triggering light pulses, of a few picoseconds in duration, which serve to detach toner without damaging the paper. Using a green light laser, the beam is absorbed by the toner (colored black) by heating until the ink particles emerge but, however, this light passes through the paper pulp without altering their structure.

The work was carried out by David Ricardo Leal, and J. Ayala M. Allwood Engineering Department, University of Cambridge in collaboration with M. Schmidt and I. Alexeev of Lehrstuhl für Photonische Technologien (Institute of Photonic Technology) of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and published in the Proceedings of The Royal Society.

What use can have a system? For starters, this printer could save tons of paper in business and government and therefore could be avoided carbon emissions associated with the paper industry (in addition to the trees would be saved from logging). What about recycling paper does not do that already? Yes, that's one of the objectives of the paper recycling but the recycling process also leaves a carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) of its own activity is not negligible. Indeed, the anti-Cambridge printer produces half the emissions of CO2 (carbon footprint from electricity consumption) the recycling of paper in the conventional industry but today, we may be able to achieve something away from this technology in a commercial circuit.

A laser light source capable of emitting pulses of the order of picoseconds is something that, for now, is available to a few research centers and, therefore, it is difficult that may be developed to commercial devices in the offices sited short term. Still, it's a pretty interesting invention.

Researchers reveal the operation of the magnets

What they got scientists from the University of Colorado and National Institute of Standards and Technology could lead to the construction of faster computers and intelligent. Researchers have revealed the inner life of the magnets using the light source the world's fastest, able to create X-ray pulsations cuantrillonésima just one second in duration. A technology under the name of High Harmonic Generation.

As a result the team could see how it works magnetism in nickel and iron atom, they realized that every metal behaves differently. Consider a second cuantrillonésima is a million times faster than a millionth of a second.

And which according to experts, the next generation of computers' hard disks use a magnetic optical system to achieve high capacity units.

From what researchers strive to make progress achieved in many of the questions that remain unanswered. One will focus on how the delivery of optical energy in the magnetic system can be optimized for performance unit.

According to Tom Smith, research scientist:

The discovery that iron and nickel are fundamentally different in their interaction with light ultrafast time scales, suggesting that the alloy magnetic hard drives may be designed to improve the delivery of optical energy in the system of spins.

Silva speaks of magnetism, which exists because the "turns" of a magnet are aligned at a point in the same direction. According to Silva:

What we have seen for the first time is that the twists and turns iron into nickel react to light in different ways, with the iron mixed by turning the light so much easier than in nickel. This difference was only possible through the use of technology extremely fast X-ray that we develop.

A technology with High Harmonic Generation nickname can cover a large portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, in this case, able to include the spectral region where nickel and iron interact strongly with x-rays

No new Xbox until 2013

In what is poised to become an endless rumor, every so often arise speculation about when we might see the first next-generation consoles. Nintendo Wii did the same with U, but still waiting to hear more details of it all eyes are on Microsoft, which happen to the Xbox 360 with a console called Xbox 720 and the heir to the PlayStation 3's PlayStation 4 .

For the 360​​, though a console whose life is on track to age 7, according to leaks from two people familiar with the matter would not have any intention on the part of Microsoft to present its successor along this year and we could see the first news at E3 2013, putting up for sale shortly thereafter.

And is that sales of the console, due primarily to update Kinect and Slim model are quite strong and in Redmond want to be very sure before taking the step to the next generation. Sony's intentions regarding the next PlayStation pass to go even further in time, although it is not ruled out that the pressure of a new Xbox accelerate its arrival. Anyway, it seems that we still rope with existing platforms while, and with the good work of new titles and we are having lately, apart from all healthy curiosity, hopefully the next generation later still yours to arrive. While some advances in Unreal Engine 4

MIT develops a system of guided of drones by means of gestures

All we like the world of aviation, see off an aircraft from an aircraft carrier is a spectacle. During takeoff is common to find operators and air traffic controllers to pilots waving to enfilen track or preparing for takeoff. This non-verbal communication is key to controlling traffic to door and, of course, requires that the controller and pilot familiar with this language. Given the increasing use of unmanned aircraft, a team from MIT is working on a system to guide the drones by the gestures of drivers on the tarmac.

The idea of ​​the research team at MIT is that the drones are able to process the gestures drivers the carrier deck and also be able to distinguish between driver and gestures all the maelstrom of activity of the carrier. Indeed, the "background noise" caused by the activity of the carrier deck the main problem that the MIT team, led by Yale Song, a doctoral student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, his thesis Professor Randall Davis and David Demirdjian, a researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, wanted to solve.

This algorithm processes the images captured by a camera system similar to Kinect (do not use Microsoft's system because the project is prior to its release) three-dimensional shapes that can recognize and track the movement of the arms. From there, the system captures a three dimensional image of the driver and remove the bottom to start making estimates of body posture and compare a number of predefined patterns and air traffic control. The system key is to locate the hand gestures and the "library" of body patterns, two pieces of information that make the system can "understand" the order has been given.

In tests, the system has been loaded with the 24 most commonly used patterns to door, of which approximately 76% of orders have been processed properly, which serves to give us an idea of ​​the complexity of the system and it seems to go on the road to make it perfectly feasible.

The classic snake game, now in augmented reality

Some developers added new features to the classic game of snake.

Projectation Mobile Unit brings the adaptation of the classic one and only game of the snake, this time used the elements of our environment as obstacles by the use of augmented reality.

Basically with a simple camera, a computer, a projector and a pair of controls, the group responsible for the production and adaptation of this game did it work with just about anything that pass through the screening, as people, decoration or other surfaces.

But that's not all, the game they added the ability to play with a friend, where one would have to close the road to another very similar to that seen in the movie Tron. The authors explained that will be distributed free of charge and release the code based on OpenFrameworks for anyone to modify.