Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now available the beta of Windows 8 for consumers

It is the turn of the users: now we can install the trial version of what will be Windows 8, but with specific functions for home PCs.
Released after the developer release of Windows 8 (September 2011) and known elnuevo logo for the system, the news is the availability of the consumer version, which puededescargar free from the Microsoft site for both processors 32 and 64 bits.

Thus we now have the chance to try a product much closer to what will be the system that will provide the end user, and a significant number of features enabled on the preview for developers.

The announcement came as part of the MWC 2012 in the words of Steven Sinofsky. The aim is to achieve an ecosystem where several computers managed by Windows 8 (computers, tablets and smartphones) have an optimal intercommunication, as somehow Apple has already made possible between MacOS X and IOS.

Obviously, the cloud will be critical in this regard because, as announced, the idea is that no matter where we are: our information should be available anytime, anywhere. Among other issues, we can mention the synchronization of bookmarks, user preferences and full integration with SkyDrive.

During the presentation, could see the meter interface in action, as we knew enscreenshots and developer preview, but much more functional. Gone is the start button and icons, and appear with information boxes, shortcuts or widgets that automatically adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Another interesting feature is the incorporation natively Xbox Live Games, which also seeks to involve our entertainment computers, tablets, smartphones and the famous game console business.

To end a very attractive story: while Windows 8 will remain in beta, all lasaplicaciones your store will be free.

XFX Video PCIE HD7970 3GB DDR5 Core Edition

The new HD 7970, the most powerful card (single core) market. With this new video card that AMD has made​​, pordrás have a visual experience unmatched in games with the latest advanced technologies of graphic quality. The new card supports DX11 and Windows 8 is ready to support DX 11.1, so you can enjoy even more in the future. The HD 7970 also integrates the new interface PCIe 3.0 (compatible with PCIe 2.0) to give you the highest possible speed. Another technology that AMD has included in this series is ZeroCore Power technology, which helps lower consumption 3W when the card is at rest. Give a new step in the extreme graphic adventure!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grooveshark already charges for listening to music

Many of you know Grooveshark, a service that allows listening to music via streaming and also offers the possibility of an account where we can build playlists and share what we heard with our friends.
While it has long been free, the company explained that, due to increasing pressure from the recording industry is going to make changes. From now on, in some countries of the world must pay a monthly value of $ 4 if you want to access your music library. Users in Germany, Croatia, Romania, Finland, Ireland and Russia were the first to receive this change in business policy of the firm ..

HTC teams could obtain certification for Playstation

Sony could give HTC the use permisopara PlayStation Certification on their mobile phones. If confirmed, would be the first HTC phone line outside the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play would get permission to run PlayStation games.
Perhaps the announcement will be in Barcelona in a couple of weeks, during Mobile World Congress 2012, at which confirm that the equipment (phones and tablets) of the Taiwanese company will gain access to the Sony Entertainment Network PlayStation One games yejecutarían

The announcement of the certification program for Android applied to other handset manufacturers was made for more than a year, at the launch of the PlayStation Vita in Japan (incidentally, an early launch team in our region). As said at the time who soon will be the Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is a program that "expands the PlayStation experience beyond the limits of the PSP."

This business move by Sony would give HTC a gamer side, which added to their profile high sound quality (fruit of the twinning of the Taiwanese company with Beats Audio), the manufacturer would position well against Samsung or Apple, recognized pointers in the smartphone market. Also be interesting to see HTC's strategy before the conjunction with Sony, as announced in January that would limit its range of intelligent devices, to concentrate on only a few high-end smartphones which would accent.

Monday, February 27, 2012

From February 29 The Pirate Bay will use magnetic links instead of torrents

Weeks ago the portal The Pirate Bayanunció the decision to start using magnet links (links magnetic) instead of. Torrent as a way to avoid problems with authorities. Now responsible for the site have reported that starting next February 29 is not able to download torrents, as it will definitely change to the new platform.
In practice, this change will have any consequences for users. The difference between files. Torrent and magnet links is that while the first stored information about the file (URL of the tracker, encryption codes, etc..) Losmagnet links are just links and have no file type associated with them. This technology runs on a special standard developed for P2P networks.

So, sites like The Pirate Bay does not need to store any file type, only links publicarám, leaving the work of downloading relevant applications. While this new technology will not bring a greater impact on the normal functioning of the site from TPB have decided to take some precautions when making the change. On February 29 will remove all those files that have more than 10 peers, whereas those that are less popular still active. Torrent, as they tend to go slower through the magnet links.

Users can continue to climb. Torrent files to the portal, but these will be converted automatically magnet links. The Pirate Bay looks so difficult any attempt to close the site by legal means. Furthermore, without torrents requires much less bandwidth to build a proxy site that ISPs can jump locks, for example. Ina site also makes the platform much more portable and easy to reassemble in an emergency. As proof of this there is the case of the user who compiled a few days ago all magnet links from The Pirate Bay in a document of only 90MB.

Google plans to create its own center hardware

Google seeks to further expand their horizons in the area of ​​hardware, and it plans to invest over $ S120 million to build a hardware test center for consumer devices at its headquarters in Mountain View. This investment only serves to reaffirm the interest of the firm to follow a path similar to that of its rivals Apple and Microsoft.
As reported by the newspaper Mercury News, among the projects to be developed in the future center is Google @ home, a platform to transmit wirelessly, music throughout the home, an idea similar to one filed by the company long ago. In addition, the new building would house the mysterious "Project X", which would imply the development of optical precision technology and be part of the secret program of technology that leads one of the cofounders of the firm's search engine, Sergey Brin.

The project also envisages the construction of the "Google experience center", consisting of a building where the company can showcase their ideas, new technologies and "novel form of work" to customers and partners. This center would be open to the public and would be reserved only for authorized visitors, said Andrew Burnett, an architect who is working on the project. "The Experience Center will work similar to a museum or exhibition center, allowing the flexibility of the above, so that, as Google products and needs change, the space can adapt to it."

Google joins a club that includes companies like Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Boeing and IBM, who have devoted significant space in their facilities to show their technology and products to potential buyers, analysts and other important partners.

Youtube develops an algorithm to identify the funniest videos

What videos are the funniest? Do the square and small circle? LosLOLcats ¿? Are compiled fails? Maybe Mojamuto Enjuto videos? It's very difficult to agree, is not it? However, a research team Research deGoogle to capitalizing on the huge volume of information obtained through Youtube to identify videos that are more amusing to the public.
To achieve its objective are developing an algorithm that evaluates multiple factors videos uploaded to the Comedy category. In addition to analyzing the video title, description and tags placed by the user who rose, the algorithm Youtube team is particularly focused on public comments.

In addition to considering the amount of comments posted and the number of positive and negative, the algorithm takes a step further and measures the degree of funniness of each video based on four main parameters:

Comments related onomatopoeic sounds of laughter in different languages ​​("jajajajaj", "hahahaha", "kekekeke")
Web acronyms applied to funny situations ("lol" "lmao" "rofl")
Using the word "fun" and its synonyms
Using Emoticons to express amusement (":-D", "XP")

They have even been established that the amount of "advantages" in a sentence is an indicator of its level of humor, but also the number of punctuation marks and the number of vowels in a row for each comment influence the results of the algorithm.

These factors and many more are parameterized by a complex formula of artificial intelligence that could finally find the perfect joke. For this feature the huge flow of data Youtube and Google resources. Will they succeed?

AMD surprises with the first 1 Ghz GPU

The chip manufacturer AMD has just announced the make-up of the first Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) that overcomes the 1 GHz barrier, all this throughout the launch of the Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition y Radeon HD 7750 cards.

Both cards has been constructed through the 28 nanometers technology – as well as its predecessors HD 7970, HD 7770 y 7750– and are based on the Graphics Core Next architecture (GCN), where the significance is focused on the computing acceleration as well as on the graphics, when the earlier generations where only focused on one of these actions.

The stronger one is Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition, which one is aimed to the gamer community and includes the PCI Express 3.0 slot. Moreover, takes in the AMD PowerTune technologies, that optimize the relationship between rendering and refrigeration necessities; and AMD Eyefinity 2.0 that allows a 6 monitor connection at a 5760×1080 pixel resolution.

“We were the first to reach the 40nm and 28nm, and now we offer the brand new 1GHz GPU. It’s a breakthrough to the graphic industry”, said Matt Skynner, corporative vice-president and general manager of the GPU Company.
Both cards were launched to the market in the United States at a $159 dollar price, aimed to the basic model of Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition, Meanwhile the AMD Radeon HD 7750 1 GB goes from $109 dollar and up.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter announced for October

If the last year the battle for the throne of the best FPS on 2011, Modern Warfare 3 fought against Battlefield 3, the competitor this year release of Call of Duty, (which probably will be Black Ops 2) will be the new sequel of the Medal of Honor reboot series.

OXM Magazine has confirmed what’s inside of it’s pages, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is being developed by the same studio of the previous game, Danger Close, and it will run under the Frostbite Engine 2.0 (the same one as Battlefield 3), this time they will not develop the Multiplayer mode.

Warfighter will follow again the Tier 1 Special Group, but more details of the history have not been revelaed yet. It will be on March 6 when EA shows the game on public, on the GDC event to be more exact.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

First BB10 images, the ultimate BlackBerry operating system.

After the filtration of the first images of the highly promoted BlackBerry, now we receive some strokes of its operating system, as known as BB10.
Once more, the site CrackBerry got the juicy scoop just after get off an e-mail destined to be part of the marketing campaigns, and a kind of rescue to RIM. It’s just before the Company’s washout, all the good news is received thankfully from de fan base. At first sight, It seems that the new operating system would result an scale version of Playbook, Which has received a respectable acceptation from part of the public. This really has sense, because of the developing times reduce if RIM gets approved, moreover could present an interface integration, which would allow both products to offer a coherent user experience.
The highlight within the brand new OS, are the widgets on the main screen, and the possibility to make video-calls. Those characteristics, although innovative on RIM gadgets, are common on any Smartphone device, not demonstrating a notorious marketing strategy from part of the Canadian Company.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Samsung launches a 10 inches Galaxy Note at the MWC 2012

A few days after the 2012 Mobile World Congress kick-off, the webpage “The Verge” revealed one of the biggest and most unexpected Samsung’s releases on that date, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. 
That’s the way it is, The Korean Company will present the older brother of its 5.3 inches device, surely aimed for professional designers, illustrators and architects. Based on what the tech media consulted, this brand new device may causes some troubles in terms of marketing, establishing an distinction from the Smartphones as well as from Tablet, promoting it as a totally original product.
With its 10 inches size, it’s easy to classify it as a tablet, but certainly the incorporation of the S pen will establish a notorious difference on this terms, which has become into the special touch of the Samsung’s newest family devices.
This information was filtered from an invitation that the Company sent to some developers in charge of the “developer’s day”, which one will take place at the MWC. The invitation recently mentioned offered to “experience the latest on Samsung’s tech devices”, which it is included the Galaxy note 10.1

Gigabyte M/B AMD 990FXA-UD7 A/L (AM3+)

Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 A/L (AM3+) with supporting for AMD FX processors. 
This 990FXA-UD7 motherboard has been designed to support even four video cars, considering 4 way CrossFireX as well as $ way SLI, offering to the user an amazing performance, which ones demand an optimum frames per second routine without affecting resolution and visibility. The integration of MOSFET and the driver IC, under the function Driver-MOFSET, provides an increasing on the energy transference and efficiency of your computer, satisfying the specific requirements and necessities of nowadays processors. MOFSET drivers also allow the reduction and liberation of space, especially destined to de VRM CPU area. The 990FXA-UD7 GIGABYTE are already prepared to support the newest generation of multi-core processors, providing the better multi-task high rendering 3D platform until the day.

DualBIOS  3TB + HDD (Hybrid EFI Technology)
Dual Channel DDR3 2000 + MHz
4 way SLI ™ and CrossFireX 4 way
XHD Turbo-Fully automatic RAID 0
Cloud OC - overclocking through your mobile device
Visible Overclocking Reminder
Power button / reset / CMOS integrated Claer
Dolby Home Theater
3x USB Power Boost
Driver MOSFETs - Integrating Components VRM

Friday, February 10, 2012

The brand new “Chris Cole DC Lite S” is out now!

Since his recruitment to the DC Shoes Company, Chris Cole has get down into the design of the latest DC pro model, and consequently the announcement of the innovative advertisement campaign “Rediscover Technology”.

Lighter than a regular skateboarding regular shoe, the latest Chris Cole Lite S, has been designed and constructed using the newest technology on the skateboarding market. Tested by the same pro rider, this brand new model provides to the ordinary skater the feeling of riding as a professional. The interesting part of the most recent DC introduction it is the “Super Suede” technology, which one allows the riders to maintain the shoe clean and tight. Moreover, the high-tech constructed sole, especially designed for DC engineers, gives security and comfort to the skaters, avoiding probable injuries. Finally, it is important to add that the fusion of the classic DC designing style with the awe-inspiring Cole’s elegance turns this shoe into your very possible next purchase.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Goggles

Tired of perceiving the world only in 2D? GeForce and CUDA™ offer Graphics Plus™: 3D Goggles

Update your PC and submerge into fascinating unknown new worlds made up from tridimensional images, thanks to NVIDIA® 3D Vision™. This complex and advanced system is includes a fancy high-tech wireless goggles and an innovative software, which one turns a thousand of the latest games out there into an unforgettable experience. As a user, you only have to put on the goggles, get your GPU GeForce® and turn on your “NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready" screen, and appreciate how the characters of your favorites games come to life. Also, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies and pictures on amazing 3D quality. Give some action to your senses with the NVIDIA 3D Vision!

Razer Mouse Gamer Laser Lachesis Special Edition

Razer always is concerned about his users, especially on the products destined to gamers.

This time the company presents us its groundbreaking Lachesis Mouse, powered by 5600Dpi preciseness level. Its eccentric design based on soft gloomy and dark tones will blow your mind and will offer you the pleasure and comfort that you have been looking for. In addition, this gadget functions at a LEDs polychrome system, which one can be easily adjusted. If you are looking for precision the Razer Lachesis will give you the real control of your computer, providing you the possibility to connect yourself directly with your PC.

Asus M/B Intel SABERTOOTH X79 A/L (2011)

The final socket for Intel Core i7 3000 series is out!

Liberate all the inner power of the Sandy Bridge E six-core processor throughout the Asus Sabertoh series. Its astonishing 8 memory slot supporting system will improve the whole performance of your machine, including the latest quad channel backing. Among its inclusions we can find, the PCIe 3.0, chipset X79, multi GPU, SATA III and also a USB 3.0 output. Intall these 3000 series processor and rediscover the maximum power of this high end plataform, specially provided by Intel and its ultimate masterpiece the Asus Sabertooth

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Intel CPU Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition 3.3 GHz Box (2011)

The ultimate processors series Sandy Bridge E provide a better performance than elder gadgets ultimately released.
Its specialized functions on video editing and image rendering allow users a high production in terms of editing and designing. Its physical six-core and twelve-core virtual ones make your computer able to run heavy-weight platforms at high speed, giving a never seen before potency to your personal computer. The intelligent technology presented on the brand new Intel Core i7 3000 will reduce annoying waiting and working times. Moreover, your regular programs will run faster than ever, reducing the energy expenditure as well as optimizing the computer’s function. Do you want to know the best of the best? Hurry up and get familiar with the new Intel Extreme!

EVGA Video PCIE GTX590 Classified 3072mb DDR5

The recently launched EVGA Video PCIE GTX590 Classified is the most powerful within the GTX500 series, and its astonishing 3d computing capacity might be reached thanks to its GF110 double graphics core. This card offers us an unprecedented render performance, giving us an enjoyable and profitable experience. These two cores make the user able to appreciate the graphic details at very high levels, which one are mainly required on the latest video games out there. “Discover the most popular tech on High End on video cards using GTX590”