Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nvidia asks Apple to prove that the A5X is 4 times more rapid than the Tegra 3

In presenting the new iPad said the new processor, Apple, the boasted A5X four times the throughput that the Tegra 3. Nvidia now calls evidence.

They say the fish dies by the mouth, and while Apple is not exactly one of the small fish in the tank (or rather, we could say it's the bully in the pond), this time got into a bind when comparing so disparaging his new micro processor with Nvidia star.

Phil Schiller, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Apple was one of those responsible for the presentation of New iPad, and was the one who said A5X GPU processor quad-core Apple equips the new tablet was two times more powerful than A5 , while exceeded four times the performance of Nvidia's Tegra 3.

Not long from Nvidia, and it was Ken Brown (appliances jokes in 3 ... 2 ...), a company spokesman, who said "We have no benchmark information," adding that it was necessary to "understand what application was used" , wondering, insistent, "was one of a variety of applications? What drivers were used? "Finally determine that there were" many issues to see. " Also, prior to this flood of questions and requests, Brown said it was "flattering" that Apple chose a product from your company for comparative purposes, but without the appropriate amount of data demonstrating incomplete.

For more information, A means quoted by The Verge made a performance test between 3 and A5 Tegra iPad 2, in which some differences were noted, with some variations almost always in favor of micro Apple. But that, of course, does not mean that the "4X" comparative plate remains arbitrary.

As they say, Apple is unlikely to answer favorably, perform tests and present the data, which Nvidia is already planning the acquisition of a new iPhone when it goes on sale on March 16, keeping the hope that, as Brown said , "at some point will be clearer what the real performance" of the processors in question.

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