Friday, March 16, 2012

Mozilla and Google are already working to adapt to the interface of Windows 8

The war of the browsers already taking temperature as the top contenders begin to adapt their products to Metro.

The revolutionary new interface of Windows 8 Metro is not only a challenge for Microsoft and its users, but also to external software developers, who must now adapt their products to maximize the potential of the new working environment, aimed at both desktops as tablets and smartphones.

While Microsoft wants to take his leading operating system also to mobile devices, other companies are struggling to get their piece of the pie. In fact, the Mozilla Foundation has started work last week on a version of Firefox that works under Metro. Brian Bondy, a member of the Firefox development team, confirmed on his blog, which also provides some details on plans for Mozilla:

"In Windows 8 there are three types of applications: the traditional desktop applications and browsers Metro desktop style capabilities Metro. Firefox is in the latter category, which means that Firefox will run as a desktop application or as an application Metro. To support the Metro requires a lot of new code, so this is a huge project. "

The Mozilla Foundation is not the only organization that has to work to adapt their software to Metro. A Google spokesman outlined for Mashable blog that will make a version of Chrome for Windows 8: "We aim to provide our users with Chrome experience simple, fast and safe on all platforms, which includes desktop versions and Metro Windows 8. To that end we are in the process of creating a version of Chrome Metro, besides improving the desktop version of Chrome, incorporating for example a support touch better. "

The battle of the browsers promises to glow even before the formal appearance of Windows 8. However, it seems that this time Microsoft is saved a powerful ace up his sleeve. According to Brian Bondy of Mozilla, "unfortunately, a browser can only participate in Metro mode if the default browser. So if Firefox is the default system browser, you can not be used as Metro. This is a decision by Microsoft. "

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