Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinterest new problems: large companies complain about the ownership of its brands

Due to an omission in the rules of Pinterest, the URLs of the big names are being taken by unscrupulous users, in order to later sell to the highest bidder.

A birth as unstable as that of Pinterest could not be exempted from some labor pains. The brand new social network is very simple to use, and that very simplicity is a matter of some problems that may affect it in the short term. Happens to register a URL in Pinterest not have any kind of restriction, so many users have used to address appropriate markings in the future could be worth lots of money.

For example, the PC maker Dell was late because her Pinterest URL has been registered on behalf of one Dell Idrus ( / Dell). And the courier company Federal Express your URL is occupied by Nikki English ( / FedEx) that has not even bothered to use the service and obviously took advantage of the regulatory vacuum Pinterest unscrupulous purposes.

These are just two examples of a very serious situation. According to the consultancy Econsultancy, 90% of major brands have been usurped by Pinterest cybersquaters. The effects could be devastating, resulting loss of confidence and abuse URLs by speculators make a dangerous cocktail capable of causing massive loss of users of the new social network.

Rapid growth has caused Pinterest its internal structure is not up to the circumstances. In fact, have not even had time to hire a press spokesman before. Its founders Ben Silverman and Evan Sharp have closed their public profiles in Pinterest to avoid being harassed by the public. Indeed, the secrecy of its founders, which contrasts with the expansive appearance of Mark Zuckerberg, does not seem typical of people who have developed a site for social purposes.

So far only five major brands have managed to successfully register their URLs: Coca Cola, General Electric, American Express, Accenture and Volkswagen. The most successful is the website of the gas, while the URL of American Express was reserved as a preventive and not even have uploaded your logo.


  1. They should, if their copyrights are broken!

  2. I think people should be smart
    if you are not on a companies website such as, then you cant take any other"brandame" seriously unless you have some direct confirmation..

    also dell and other companies could just "buy" the name/account, this is actually what a lot of people do on the internet to get cash...

    now if an user is proclaiming to be someone else's company then they can be prosecuted i think o.o

    great insight and site my friend, followed :D

  3. just reading makes me fear of the near future. who knows what will happen next