Thursday, March 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note sells 5 million units (to operators)

The hybrid smartphone and tablet launched by the South Korean brand reached this figure to 5 months of its launch. Countries with more devices sold are China, France and Spain.

The Samsung device is halfway between a tablet and a smartphone, and that before a strange bet resulted in the discovery of a new market niche (which Samsung seems to be well cared for), and cultivated a few months of his appearance the amount of 5 million units sold to operators.

With its 5.3 inch screen Super AMOLED, Dual core processor 1.4 GHz, resolution of 1280 x 800 and your stylus, the strange device located in high-end category has grown well without being the star product the mark like the Galaxy SII, while inventing a new category in the dynamic market of consumer electronics.

A couple of months nothing more we learned that the device reached the million units sold, and the same way as the current 5 million, sales were news at that time were not consumers, but phone companies. The same is remarkable that in December the Note was done with his first million without even having launched the product in a market as important as the U.S..

Also, it is not just the northern country which has been very successful in sales: China, France and Spain are the main markets, and are those who have helped the smartphone-tablet reaches this turnover, plus Samsung have the privilege of capturing the Note to 67% of the market share of smartphones in Korea.

But get past the numbers and better see Peter the elephant playing with the Galaxy Note.

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