Friday, March 30, 2012

LG began mass production of flexible displays

This is the first official step of a product which the company says "promises to revolutionize the market for digital book readers." Device is a six-inch digital ink technology

The LG company has been working for several years to develop flexible displays for electronic devices, and this project took a major boost today with the start of mass production of this device, announced today by the South Korean firm.

The new star of the company is called E-Paper Display Plastic (Plastic EPD) and if still no details on what type of device is involved, transcended that features a six-inch XGA panel with 1024 × 768 pixels, and uses digital ink technology.

Its characteristic feature is the flexibility of the screen, which effectively doubles the team about 40 degrees from the center point. Has a thickness of only 0.7 millimeters and weighs 14 grams.

In addition to being folded, the EPD Plastic let readers design new ultra slim. And while the screen is flexible, the remaining components of the apparatus are not. On the other hand, from LG also announced a massive scale manufacture OLED displays, with the same features.


  1. Omgggggggg this is so cool :O !!!

  2. Wow this is an awesome thing, I hope it gets to Europe soon.
    Imagine you pull out a monitor from your pocket,how epic is that? :D