Sunday, March 25, 2012

YouTube improved its video editor

This new update will give more quality to the images. Modifications can be undone in the event of other than want and incorporates a warning system to warn of imperfections in the material loaded

YouTube announced a new update to its video editor, in order to improve the product, add features and improve the quality of material uploaded by users in the portal.

The site launched "automatic leveling" for images, that with one click will help improve the production, adjusting different levels. The editor will notify the user with a message on your desktop if you can make some improvements.

If the video is shaky or dark, you can choose to correct and if changes are desired not be reversed, returning to the original state.

If the material has been loaded on the page give yourself a smartphone, allowing then be edited on a PC, offering the same tools. Also included are new effects.

The YouTube editor was introduced last year, and lets you edit videos online with basic options such as brightness, rotation, and the stabilization function, which improves the productions made from mobile phones or devices.

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