Sunday, March 25, 2012

The new iPad has a battery charge indicator "liar"

It was discovered that the battery charge indicator of the new iPad shows a level of 100% when in fact need to be connected over two Doras extra grid to reach full capacity.

Ray Soneira, DisplayMate company technician has conducted multiple tests on the brand new iPad 3 just managed to get their hands on. And he could make some surprising discoveries.

The first was that the consumption of the Retina Display screen is 250% higher than in previous versions, which could be causing overheating problems and less battery life that some users are reporting.

The second discovery was that despite Soneira the battery indicator on the new Apple tablet marked a level of 100%, the iPad really needs to stay connected at least two additional hours to reach full charge. This would also explain why many complain that the battery will last less than expected: it is because unknowingly disconnected when you still need a little more than hours to full charge.

It seems that this is due to an error in the algorithm that calculates the load level and to consider factors like the rhythms of normal loading and unloading and loading and unloading history of each particular device.

Not the first time that Apple does not do well the calculations and should release a patch to correct the error. After the release of iPhone 4 occurred the famous "Antenagate" the Cupertino company blamed the failure of a defect in the algorithm indicator signal from the antenna, which was corrected with an upgrade of IOS in a matter of days. Although at that time many did not believe it, shortly after he spoke no more than Antenagate. Will the same Apple to resolve this time some of the battery problems of the new iPad?

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