Tuesday, January 31, 2012

XFX Video PCIE HD6990 4096mb DDR5

The HD6000 has its new leader, the HD6990, a double core card (DUAL GPU) the most powerful on their series until the date.
The cooperative work of its two Cayman XT cores, give life to “Antilles” , which one offers an 830MHZ frequency, and at the same time a 4GB memory, offering in this way a superior presentation based on high resolutions. With this unique card, you will be able to enjoy every single detail at a deeply range. Moreover the power and efficiency of the HD6990 on 3D calculations will maintain a fascinating FSP rate, avoiding the well-known and annoying “lags” that make us mad every day. Finally, don’t forget that you can get this card right now at your local tech market, and turn yourself into a Pro Gamer, obtaining a great level thanks to the HD6990.

New Alienware X51 Mini Gaming Desktop

Dell reveals another of its masterpieces, the multifunctional Alienware X51 Mini Gaming Desktop, the latest multipurpose and overwhelming gadget from this company.
Through this new device, people will be able to enjoy a pleasant experience when using, thanks to its amazing visual effects, provided by the brand new 1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA Gforce GTX 5552, as well as by its Intel ® Core ™ i7-2600 processor. Moreover, the new Alienware X51 Mini Gaming Desktop offers a mind-blowing HD experience without the requirement of a superb and uncomfortable case, because it was designed for every single place or position. Accept this challenge as a user and get right away your firsthand Alienware ™ X51

AMD announces its brand new eight-core processor

AMD launched its innovative AMD FX processors, including the first eight-core desk computer
The introduction of these new multicore CPUs to the market will cause a big impact on the current tech business. Moreover, they will be include in servers as well as in the next generation of Accelerating Processer Unities (API)
The AMS FX series has turned into a reference since they obtain the Guinness World Record for the “Computer processor with more frequencies” These new processors will function in a completely unblocked manner, which gives more amplitude at the Overclocking, obtaining more efficacy and efficacy at using them.

Monday, January 30, 2012

NVIDIA plans to launch the GTX600 28nm cards collection

NVIDIA is getting prepare to announce a new GPUs line up, named GTX600 These brand new series will be based on a Kepler core, and it will be designed through the 28nm TSMC fabrication process. This announcement was made on September of 2010, throughout a significant conference on the United States. Jen-Hsun Huang, general manager of the Keynote Company proclaimed that this new core will provide a four-times better performance than the Fermi architecture.

Toshiba Notebook QOSMIO X775-SP7102L INTEL CORE i7-2670QM 6GB 640GB 17,3" HDMI B-RAY BT W7HP

The toshiba Qosmio laptop is the best solution to your problems 
especially if you consider yourself as a demanding user. Thanks to its advanced processing unit and dedicated graphics, you will be albe to visualize and execute heavy weight applications, turning yourself into a real professional gamer. Moreover you will be able to enjoy HD movies, and
feel as if you were at the cinema. The Toshiba Qosmio includes Blue ray 
player, HDMI port and also one of the best video cards out there, the NVIDIA GTX560.
"Enjoy your Qosmio and conquer the cosmos!"