Thursday, March 29, 2012

Possible way out of Google Drive in April

The search company would already be well into plans to compete with successful products such as DropBox, SkyDrive from Microsoft, or Apple icloud recognized in the business of cloud storage.

Last month rumors are getting stronger with respect to a possible launch in April of Google Drive storage service finder for cloud computing.

Apparently, the service has to compete with similar successful initiatives as icloud, DropBox or Skydrive, provide full synchronization between devices, allowing storing and sharing documents and multimedia content and unifying virtual space the company offers to its other online applications as Docs, Picasa or Gmail.

The interface, meanwhile, would be similar to Docs, and the basic service would be 1GB of storage capacity at other subscription service (pay, obviously), an issue somewhat remarkable because, although not the same service, Gmail offers 7Gb of storage. However, the tentative date of launch of Google Drive would be at Easter.

Other ways in which we do with the brand new service will be through an application for Google Apps and other packages indepedientes, because Google will provide an API that developers can access.

For now is all a rumor quoted by various means, to which Google in particular has not confirmed or denied. Let's wait until you can dip into the new service.

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