Saturday, March 17, 2012

No new Xbox until 2013

In what is poised to become an endless rumor, every so often arise speculation about when we might see the first next-generation consoles. Nintendo Wii did the same with U, but still waiting to hear more details of it all eyes are on Microsoft, which happen to the Xbox 360 with a console called Xbox 720 and the heir to the PlayStation 3's PlayStation 4 .

For the 360​​, though a console whose life is on track to age 7, according to leaks from two people familiar with the matter would not have any intention on the part of Microsoft to present its successor along this year and we could see the first news at E3 2013, putting up for sale shortly thereafter.

And is that sales of the console, due primarily to update Kinect and Slim model are quite strong and in Redmond want to be very sure before taking the step to the next generation. Sony's intentions regarding the next PlayStation pass to go even further in time, although it is not ruled out that the pressure of a new Xbox accelerate its arrival. Anyway, it seems that we still rope with existing platforms while, and with the good work of new titles and we are having lately, apart from all healthy curiosity, hopefully the next generation later still yours to arrive. While some advances in Unreal Engine 4

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