Sunday, March 25, 2012

Apple sold in one weekend the equivalent of a quarter of all Android tablets

The undisputed market dominance by Apple has consequences: in one weekend iPad sold 25% of tablets equipped with Google's OS.

Three million in three days was the fact that surprised us a couple of days on sales of the new iPad. Taking this figure (again, only sales of the third version of the Apple tablet, not counting the previous two), you get to the incredible conclusion that in those few days of sales, Apple sold so many New Cases as 25% Total sales of Android tablets.

If, as they are reading from the first to the last tablet, Android currently has 12 million devices. And Apple sold a quarter of that number in 3 days. In view of why the Fanboys say the iPad is the new iPod. The capture of much of the market in excellent condition and almost no competition leading to the correct comparison. So much so that to extend the analogy, and take it to another level than the apple, we may have to quote the Standard Oil by John D. Rockefeller, but only for teaching purposes. Still, the situation allows us to further analysis.

It was obvious we had mastery over some markets Apple, but this ratio (which makes them see the tablet market more like "the market for iPad") provides us with a confirmation: Apple can not win, at least for Now, if you play your own game. In short, the only ones that could bring even remotely similar results have been the Kindle Fire and Nook, both attacking the lower segment of the market, which just this iPad is not engaged, since input prices tripled of the above products.

Google, at least in regard to release its own tablet PC, could see that you're better compete with Amazon rather than against Apple. If the seeker realized this in the hardware, now would need to take the post with respect to its Android OS, and acknowledged. More taking into account also that Windows seems determined this year to enter fully with the tablets.

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