Thursday, March 22, 2012

Windows Phone overcame Symbian in the United Kingdom

The 2.5% of phones sold in the country incorporating Microsoft technology, against 2.4% of Nokia. Also, IOS and Android continue as market leaders within the English

As we planned Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Windows Phone seems to be the best way for devices from the Finnish company, at least in the English market.

According to a study that evaluated the buying trends for three months in the United States, the computers operating system for mobile Microsfot outperformed those incorporating Symbian technology.

In the British territory, about 2.5% of buyers preferred mobile phone smartphone with Windows Phone on the 2.4% who chose the software developed by Nokia.

In this context, the Lumia 800 of the Finnish company captured 87% of Windows Phone sales throughout Europe, and became the best selling device in which use the same operating system.

Thus, the numbers start to agree with Elop, who from the beginning opted for promoting Microsoft's operating system, to be the third largest mobile ecosystem in the long term, so that losses on sales of short-term Symbian could be assumed smoothly.

However, despite this breakthrough, IOS and Android platforms continue to dominate smartphone sales in the UK.

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