Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dell would release a tablet with Windows 8

A company executive said that they were working on their next entry into the tablet market, focusing primarily on the business sector and based on Windows 8, though not ruling out a future product with Android OS.

Steve Felice, Dell's chief executive, told Reuters ahead that there is "a work plan on tablets that have not yet announced," while he thought about tablets in general saying "we do not think this market is closed to anything."

The first outpost of this unannounced Dell work plan would be a new line of tablets that would run Windows 8, which would be designed in principle for the business sector, which would see the light about the same time that the new version OS from Microsoft. Just from Dell demonstrated tactile impressed by the performance offered by Windows 8, which is why they were thinking to partner with Microsoft for their return to the market after the Streak, considered by many as a business failure. Also, Felice did not exclude future Android as software provider for branded products.

If one speaks of an entry to the scene of the tablets, and unless you have a strategic Google, the team to beat will always be the iPad. In this sense, Dell would ship this year with new ideas.

Is that the battle against Apple may seem uneven, although it is clear that Dell is not intended to compete and in the consumer technology (the undisputed strength of the apple), so opt for the business sector, albeit with good penetration, as one of weaker legs Cupertino. About that, since the company rely on their historical relationship with the business sector: the dissatisfaction felt by office workers to the "dumb" computers that their employers require them to use could result in an advantage for technology vendors such as Dell, issue also would put them in a good position compared to Apple. Felice said about Apple many commercially are security concerns, interoperability, systems and device management, areas in which Dell may be a better provider, while the iPad felt left much to be desired in terms of processing power and ease writing.


  1. I don't really like the look of Windows 8, it's just like their xbox/windows phone appearance, and too simple for me.