Sunday, April 8, 2012

Apple is evaluating the connectivity problems in New iPad

Some users denounced that the tablet was presenting disadvantages with the access to Internet across Wi-Fi, because of it the company would be testeando the functioning of the equipment. If it is a question of a fault of software, a prompt update is waited

The faults in the New iPad continue appearing and after the denunciations for the warming of the equipment, the disadvantages in the load of the battery now add problems in the connection to Internet across Wi-Fi.

According to the complaints of users, the Apple tablet in several cases does not detect the network and when found, the flow is low compared with other computers on which the connectivity is much better

In this situation, the specialized portal 9to5mac revealed that the company would be testing the device to see if there really are faults reported with Wi-Fi system.

While Apple did not recognize the testing equipment, in a signed document instructs retailers on how to react in order to investigate and replace the affected models.

In the same report notes that this inconvenience would affect computers that incorporate Wi-Fi options + LTE, which manifest disadvantages of receptivity.

Rumors began circulating this problem a few days after the launch of the third generation of iPad. And in some Web sites were recommendations to correct it 

If it's a software issue, Apple is expected to upgrade the operating system and thus repair the fault, if the case of some hardware failure probably have to replace the equipment.

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