Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lenovo wants to launch the first tablet that works with Windows 8

The competition to reach October with the first tablet that supports Windows 8 is fierce as it not only includes Lenovo, but also Dell, HP, Nokia and Asus, among other industry leaders.

In October as a limit, the imminent release of Windows 8 has launched the race to be the first to submit a tablet that uses the new Microsoft operating system. And Lenovo is ready to achieve that goal at all costs.

Belonging to the company sources confirmed to The Verge "they have strict internal plans to be the first company with a Windows-based tablet 8 in October." Thus looking to get ahead of Dell, Nokia, Asus and HP, which have the same intention as Lenovo but which no data exists on its progress.

Still unknown technical details to be submitted Lenovo tablet, but according to that seen at CES, for The Verge the leading candidate is the IdeaPad Yoga, Intel, a 13.3-inch screen and a keyboard also hinged serves to convert it into notebook and thus could be the perfect hardware for Windows 8.

Does it really pays to be the first to launch this kind of products to market, when other competitors appear within days or even hours? Obviously, marketing activities are worth the effort committed to being "first row" with an attitude that recalls the opposite version of the row from which want to be the first to have an iPad.

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