Thursday, March 22, 2012

Computer insecurity record: In 2011, 174 million accounts stolen

The number of cases quadrupled compared to 2010, although the economic damage was minimal. Also, ensure that 97 percent of the cases was neutralizable.

The telecommunications firm Verizon released its annual report which states that 174 million digital records were compromised in 2011, registering a rise greater than 4,000 percent from the year 2010, when four million accounts were compromised.

According to Verizon, this increase can be explained by the work done by groups like Anonymous hacktivists, since 68 percent of the 855 cases studied reported safety data theft carried out by hackers. Despite the volume of extracted information, the report notes that the economic damage appears to be minimal.

He also notes that over 90 percent of attacks were recorded using techniques "core" of intrusion and 97% of all malicious events could have been avoided without the need for companies to carry out difficult or expensive measures to neutralize theft data.

The report also ruling that 79 percent of the attacks were opportunistic, low risk, thus calling into question the role of relevant organizations should take computer security policy. Hence, perhaps, 85% of the affected companies were SMEs with less than 1,000 employees of the trade sectors, food and hospitality.

These conclusions were based on an investigation of 855 cases of computer insecurity, with the help of the U.S. Secret Service and security agencies of the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland and Australia.


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