Monday, February 27, 2012

Youtube develops an algorithm to identify the funniest videos

What videos are the funniest? Do the square and small circle? LosLOLcats ¿? Are compiled fails? Maybe Mojamuto Enjuto videos? It's very difficult to agree, is not it? However, a research team Research deGoogle to capitalizing on the huge volume of information obtained through Youtube to identify videos that are more amusing to the public.
To achieve its objective are developing an algorithm that evaluates multiple factors videos uploaded to the Comedy category. In addition to analyzing the video title, description and tags placed by the user who rose, the algorithm Youtube team is particularly focused on public comments.

In addition to considering the amount of comments posted and the number of positive and negative, the algorithm takes a step further and measures the degree of funniness of each video based on four main parameters:

Comments related onomatopoeic sounds of laughter in different languages ​​("jajajajaj", "hahahaha", "kekekeke")
Web acronyms applied to funny situations ("lol" "lmao" "rofl")
Using the word "fun" and its synonyms
Using Emoticons to express amusement (":-D", "XP")

They have even been established that the amount of "advantages" in a sentence is an indicator of its level of humor, but also the number of punctuation marks and the number of vowels in a row for each comment influence the results of the algorithm.

These factors and many more are parameterized by a complex formula of artificial intelligence that could finally find the perfect joke. For this feature the huge flow of data Youtube and Google resources. Will they succeed?

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