Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now available the beta of Windows 8 for consumers

It is the turn of the users: now we can install the trial version of what will be Windows 8, but with specific functions for home PCs.
Released after the developer release of Windows 8 (September 2011) and known elnuevo logo for the system, the news is the availability of the consumer version, which puededescargar free from the Microsoft site for both processors 32 and 64 bits.

Thus we now have the chance to try a product much closer to what will be the system that will provide the end user, and a significant number of features enabled on the preview for developers.

The announcement came as part of the MWC 2012 in the words of Steven Sinofsky. The aim is to achieve an ecosystem where several computers managed by Windows 8 (computers, tablets and smartphones) have an optimal intercommunication, as somehow Apple has already made possible between MacOS X and IOS.

Obviously, the cloud will be critical in this regard because, as announced, the idea is that no matter where we are: our information should be available anytime, anywhere. Among other issues, we can mention the synchronization of bookmarks, user preferences and full integration with SkyDrive.

During the presentation, could see the meter interface in action, as we knew enscreenshots and developer preview, but much more functional. Gone is the start button and icons, and appear with information boxes, shortcuts or widgets that automatically adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Another interesting feature is the incorporation natively Xbox Live Games, which also seeks to involve our entertainment computers, tablets, smartphones and the famous game console business.

To end a very attractive story: while Windows 8 will remain in beta, all lasaplicaciones your store will be free.

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