Friday, February 10, 2012

The brand new “Chris Cole DC Lite S” is out now!

Since his recruitment to the DC Shoes Company, Chris Cole has get down into the design of the latest DC pro model, and consequently the announcement of the innovative advertisement campaign “Rediscover Technology”.

Lighter than a regular skateboarding regular shoe, the latest Chris Cole Lite S, has been designed and constructed using the newest technology on the skateboarding market. Tested by the same pro rider, this brand new model provides to the ordinary skater the feeling of riding as a professional. The interesting part of the most recent DC introduction it is the “Super Suede” technology, which one allows the riders to maintain the shoe clean and tight. Moreover, the high-tech constructed sole, especially designed for DC engineers, gives security and comfort to the skaters, avoiding probable injuries. Finally, it is important to add that the fusion of the classic DC designing style with the awe-inspiring Cole’s elegance turns this shoe into your very possible next purchase.

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