Friday, February 17, 2012

Samsung launches a 10 inches Galaxy Note at the MWC 2012

A few days after the 2012 Mobile World Congress kick-off, the webpage “The Verge” revealed one of the biggest and most unexpected Samsung’s releases on that date, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. 
That’s the way it is, The Korean Company will present the older brother of its 5.3 inches device, surely aimed for professional designers, illustrators and architects. Based on what the tech media consulted, this brand new device may causes some troubles in terms of marketing, establishing an distinction from the Smartphones as well as from Tablet, promoting it as a totally original product.
With its 10 inches size, it’s easy to classify it as a tablet, but certainly the incorporation of the S pen will establish a notorious difference on this terms, which has become into the special touch of the Samsung’s newest family devices.
This information was filtered from an invitation that the Company sent to some developers in charge of the “developer’s day”, which one will take place at the MWC. The invitation recently mentioned offered to “experience the latest on Samsung’s tech devices”, which it is included the Galaxy note 10.1

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