Sunday, February 19, 2012

First BB10 images, the ultimate BlackBerry operating system.

After the filtration of the first images of the highly promoted BlackBerry, now we receive some strokes of its operating system, as known as BB10.
Once more, the site CrackBerry got the juicy scoop just after get off an e-mail destined to be part of the marketing campaigns, and a kind of rescue to RIM. It’s just before the Company’s washout, all the good news is received thankfully from de fan base. At first sight, It seems that the new operating system would result an scale version of Playbook, Which has received a respectable acceptation from part of the public. This really has sense, because of the developing times reduce if RIM gets approved, moreover could present an interface integration, which would allow both products to offer a coherent user experience.
The highlight within the brand new OS, are the widgets on the main screen, and the possibility to make video-calls. Those characteristics, although innovative on RIM gadgets, are common on any Smartphone device, not demonstrating a notorious marketing strategy from part of the Canadian Company.

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