Monday, April 9, 2012

WhatsApp allows him to save more than 23 billion dollars to the users

The growth of the services of messenger company made fall the utilization of the messages of text, which represents big economic losses for the companies prestadoras of the service

A report realized by the company Ovum revealed that during 2012 it is expected that the losses of the companies prestadoras of the service of telephony increase in 9.000 million dollars in comparison to them registered in 2011.

In agreement to a study of the consulting one, the major utilization of the systems of social messenger company, as WhatsApp and Chat On, they would represent a fall of 23 billions in the profitability of the big signatures.

Increasingly users use this type of channels to communicate to him with his contacts, to the detriment of the traditional messages of text, which represents an impact in the arks of the prestadoras of the service.

The analysts of Ovum indicate the consolidation of already existing services, to the appearance of new systems and to the adoption of the users of smartphones as the principal reasons in order that applications like these should increase his influence.

In turn Brian Acton, one of the founders of Whatsapp, made clear that the systems like his led that the clients contract plans of transmission of information, which represents big earnings for the companies. According to his point dress, his system would not be a threat for the business of the telephonic ones but, on the contrary, he would benefit them.

In the world there are sent for day approximately approximately 2.000 millions of WhatsApp's messages, duplicating the number registered in October, 2011.

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