Monday, April 9, 2012

Sony announces changes: he will dismiss 10 thousand employees

Four years followed by economic losses are revealing his consequences, and the Japanese giant faces a restructuring that will leave 6 % of his labor force without work.

From Sony they were advancing that 2012 was going to be complicated. It turns out that the CEO, chosen it does a couple of months, Kazuo Hirai, it would be under many pressures to extract afloat the company, which after 4 years of loss faces a forecast of 220.000 million yens of loss (or 2.008 million Euros) to the closing of the fiscal year 2011.

The question is that, before the reorganization that will begin in Sony worldwide to relieve his crisis and to take again the good path, the signature will part with 10 thousand of his employees, which would represent a reduction of 6 % of his labor total force, with which it will have to part throughout the year. The news (that he us remembers to Yahoo! During last week), revealed by the organ of press of the index Nikkei of the Japanese bag, and gathered by Reuters, it indicates that between the dismissals there would be high ranges inside the company, though do not catch on how many telegrams would correspond to hard-working or executive Japanese, and how many to used abroad.

The economic situation of the Japanese company is complicated some time ago. And as sample, a button: the same Kazuo Hirai will take charge of the division televisions of the signature while there lasts the process of reorganization of the business structure of the company.

The half of the predicted reduction they will owe to the consolidation the chemical industry of the company, since this way also his division in charge LCDs's. The definitive advertisement would come in a couple of days, April 12, moment in which, beside ordering to his house 10 thousand persons, Kaz Hirai (that it should enter functions on April 1) would ask for the return of his bonds corresponding to 2011 seven executives of Sony, between whom Howard Stringer would be the previous CEO.

For the present the information has not been corroborated, and Sony has not demonstrated on the individual, with which we will have to wait until Thursday to see if the news is so bad as seem. Likewise, always you commit an outrage, the actions of the company raised 0,6 % after there be revealing the news of the possible cut.

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