Monday, April 9, 2012

Great Britain would investigate Apple for deceitful advertising on his new iPad

The continuous and numerous complaints of British users on the functioning of the mobile Internet of Apple's device motivated the reaction of the authority that regulates the advertising in the United Kingdom.

" We receive 24 complaints related to affirmations done in Apple's web site it brings over of technology 4G in the new iPad. We are evaluating if bases exist for an investigation ", said a spokesman of the Authority of Procedure of English Advertising or Advertising Standards Authority (ROASTS), on the form in which they were sold to the public the devices of the moment of Apple.

The complaints affirm that Apple's last device does not work with 4G in the European island, contradicting the advertising announcements with which the tablet had been sold, without clarifying that still there are no networks 4G LTE arranged in Great Britain. This initiative on the part of the authority that rules the advertising in England adds to the happened in Australia, where before similar complaints they forced Apple to warn to his buyers that the new iPad does not work with 4G in this country, opening in addition the possibility that the buyers were receiving his money of return if they were feeling unsatisfied.

On a possible case of deceitful advertising, a source from a British company of telecommunications consulted by the London Financial Times revealed that from his company they were in disagreement with Apple on the promotion that was given to the iPad. " The materials of marketing were referring to wi-fi and to 4G ", he was declaring English this source of the prestigious financial diary, without bearing in mind that, it does not agree in spite of are no still networks 4G LTE in Great Britain, in addition the iPad uses a spectrum different from the one that which will be in use in the island, with, for having a tablet 4G in the United Kingdom, Apple a new model will have to throw only for these countries.

Without demonstrating still on the topic (and without many gun-sights to which in some moment it should do it), Apple only clarifies in web that " 4G LTE works only in networks AT*T and Verizon in The United States, and Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada ".

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