Friday, April 6, 2012

War of patents: Now Facebook sues Yahoo!

The patent war reaches a level of concern: Facebook fights back hard after being accused by Yahoo! for violation of patents, and now makes a similar complaint against the historic site.

Recently we reported that Yahoo! Facebook sued for unauthorized use of a dozen patents. The search company accused the social network, quickly took steps to protect themselves. First, Facebook bought 750 IBM patents that might serve to reject any accusation.

Now it was learned that the company made a strong counterattack Zuckerberg, claiming to Yahoo! for violation of ten patents it owns, said Business Insider. For Yahoo! Facebook maneuver is nothing more than "a cynical attempt to divert attention with a weak defense."

What are the patents that would violate Yahoo! as Facebook?

A patent for "create a custom feed stories to members of a social network" that is, a news feed.
A patent for "tagger digital media," which includes both posts as images.
A patent on "an algorithm to post Headlines", which decides what appears on the user's personal feed and profile based on the topics you like.
A patent provides "a method for a user to obtain specific information about an item from a set of items and the method of transport", what would Facebook Search.
A patent for "customize the information in a database to be presented with a selection of means", which would show enhanced content data based on user profile.
A patent that defines "a system and method for Dynamic User Profiling Applications One-on-One", which would serve to change the profile based on activity within the site.
A patent for "a system and method for Dynamic User Profiling Applications One-on-One and to Validate User Rules", which corresponds to choose only a few rules in place to browse among dozens to customize your profile.
A patent on "architectures, systems, devices, methods and computer readable meĆ­dos to provide recommendations to users and applications using multidimensional data", ie, a recommendation engine.
A patent relating to "a system of controlled distribution of profiles over a network" that controls the exchange of contacts on Facebook.

In turn, accuses Yahoo! Facebook for violation of the following patents:

Three patents on "a method and system for optimal placement of ads on a website."
A patent on "a system for determining the validity of the interaction in a network" would serve to detect keywords in a series of posts, for advertising.
A patent that defines "a method and system for customizing displays information associated with a social network user."
A patent to "control the user activates the sample selected content based on the level of another user authorization" which could be applied to post and share photos.
A patent for "an online reproduction system guided by the community." Not know what they're referring to ...
A patent for "a dynamic page generator" using user-specified templates which are filled with live data, such as Facebook Timeline.
A patent describes "a world modeling using a network of relationships with a channel of communication between entities."
A patent for "a system and method for using a protocol instant messaging e-mail."
Beyond deciding which of the two companies is right (maybe both have it), the description of the patent alleged to be violating highlights the absurdity of the system, covering patentamientos on generic activities that will fit virtually all dynamic Web sites and instead of protecting, all they do is cause a technology gap and a considerable loss of creativity.

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  1. holy hell, how petty can they get? imagine if these companies worked together instead of against each other.