Friday, April 6, 2012

Apple is developing a physical joystick for IOS

A strong rumor indicates that Cupertino's company would be considering the production of a controller for games wireless, of way of consolidating the iPad as a solid platform gamer and catching a juicy niche of market.

With his spectacular Retina Display and his powerful processor, the iPad 3 is a magnificent platform gamer. Nevertheless, the tactile interface can turn out to be a commode in games as Angry Birds, but not so much when we speak about other popular categories as the shooters in the first person or the games of strategy, where he begins in there is absent a good physical command, similar to one of Xbox or Playstation.

But according to Anand Lal Shimpi de Anantech, Apple would be employed at a wireless controller for iOS capablly of extending enormously the experience of game in his mobile devices. The journalist comments that Cupertino's anonymous sources him informed that Apple goes some time studying this possibility, but that still they have not taken a definitive decision on his concrete development.

Maybe the decision hurries before the advertisement of some devices of control for games that connect across Bluetooth, as the iCade retro-control 8-Bitty, one for games of 8 bits that works as a whole with iCADE, an adapter that turns the iPad into a classic machine of classic games of Arcadian as Pac-Man and many other ancient successes of the epoch of Atari and Commodore 64.

Another possibility is that Apple takes advantage of the conjuncture to sit bases on a lucrative market which principal modals show clear signs of wear. Let's remember that Sony announced a loss of 1200 million dollars for the last quarter of 2011 and that Nintendo brought his first quarter with losses from his creation, with a deficit of 575 million dollars.

This demonstrates somehow that a change is producing to him on the market gamer, that is overturning partly towards Apple and that surely Cupertino's company will not leave to happen.


  1. At first I though: "No way! This piece of news is surely a bit late April Fool's Day scenario!". However, after a brief moment of thinking: that might come in handy. Think about it: iPad 3 is just destined to become a portable game console with its screen and graphics. Also: personally, I'd love to play i.e. Driver: You Are The Wheelman with a bit more hardware-manual feeling.

  2. The screen and processor is far from anything special. -.-

  3. Wow this seems very interesting, cant wait to see this.

  4. This sounds awesome! I can't wait for it to actually come out. Nice blog too. Keep it up!