Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google proved his car with automatic pilot with a blind person to the steering wheel

With a visual disability of 95 %, Steve Mahan handled successfully a Toyota Prius equipped with Google's technology for the autoconduction. Google's prototype already had crossed 225 thousand kilometres in California without driver to the steering wheel.

The video calls " Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan " and it is the trip of Steve Mahan, a man with a visual disability of 95 %, on board of a Toyota Prius equipped with Google's technology for the autoconduction. The Internet company announced yesterday the success of his first experiment with an almost blind person on board of the car with automatic pilot who goes developing from 2010.

In the video published in YouTube one sees how the steering wheel turns only and the car circulates following the procedure of traffic while Mahan eats. Also one sees it to do two stops, one in the rail of access for vehicles of an establishment of snack and different food in the parking of a laundry to gather clothes. " Without hands, without feet ", says Brahan with the arms in high place while the vehicle advances.

The car is equipped with a system of radars and laser to know his location. During the test, the co-pilot of Mahan was using a portable computer connected to the vehicle. Google made clear in YouTube that the conduction with Steve Mahan realized in " a route carefully programmed " and that the experience was " a technical experiment " that offers " a promising look on what the autonomous technology can one day obtain if a rigorous technology is achieved and is fulfilled by the safety standards ".

Google announced his project of car with automatic conduction in 2010 and created a prototype capable of guiding with the use of maps. The car crossed the condition of California of it arrives below and it realized more than 225.000 kilometres without driver to the steering wheel, though always under supervision and in situations of traffic you propitiate, as reported then the company that did not give details on when the experiment took place with Mahan.

Google thinks that the not crewed vehicles might help to reduce the traffic accidents and to realizing a more efficient conduction from the energetic point of view.


  1. This is incredible! Not sure if I could trust a machine enough to drive my car for me though... :S

  2. This video was astounding! I watched it and was in shock. Props to google for the amazing technology. Good post man.