Sunday, April 8, 2012

LG wants its new smartphones also think

It seems natural to talk about smartphones, but the term exists from the need to detach a category of existing phones. What defines a smart phone is? At some point the title revolved around the ability to check emails and internet access to sites other than wap, but gradually the demand was rising. Even today in phones and no doubt come into intelligent category, there is much difference between the two. LG plans to make a phone that thinks, defining what could be a new category within the smartphone market.

The director of the mobile communications section of the Korean company Kwon Bong-suk made interesting statements about the outlook for the future of the telephony market and particularly on the future of your business. According to his statements are very acostrumbrados to expect that innovations come from Apple that has been shown on several occasions to change the course of an industry as happened with the iPod and iPhone. However, there are several companies that are trying new things like the case of Samsung or Motorola, according to Bong-suk Kwon LG is one such company in the next generation of phones.

For his predictions, a smartphone is that you may have notion of the environment and the ability to make decisions for the user according to various criteria. He for example the case of alarm, if the user put the alarm all during the mornings at 9 am, and one day traffic reports indicate that there are long delays for traffic problems in the city, the phone would automatically wake up an hour before so you can get to your commitments.

Without going over the concept is very interesting, is growing strongly between the technological world the concept of invisible interfaces, including Siri stands and, although in another way, the new Google Project Glass. The idea of ​​telephones to think seems to be the natural evolution of the smartphone and although we have not seen any real applications running, the concept captures our attention. We wonder if this future the company envisions continuing with Android, Windows Phone or a proprietary system.

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  1. Hah im so curious of the technology in like 2050