Monday, April 9, 2012

Steve Wozniak likes that Ashton Kutcher interprets Steve Jobs in the cinema

" The Woz " is consent to the selection of the actor for a movie that will be rolled soon on Steve Jobs's youth and Apple's creation.

Steve Wozniak is a nice type; of it it does not fit doubt. One of his individuals is characteristics that it does not have problems of answering to any question of the press, and always it does it without hair in the language. This time, it was consulted on a movie that will begin to be filmed in Hollywood in May and that will treat on Steve Jobs's life during his youth.

The interpretation of a young person Jobs with trends hippies, doubtful hygiene and a brilliant intelligence, will be at the expense of the actor Asthon Kutcher, famous for his participation in the television comedies That ' 70s Show and Two And Half Men. Kutcher, of 34 years, also has his side geek; in April, 2009 he was the first user of Twitter in having more than one million of followers, and only three months later it managed to treble this number. At present, his account @aplusk possesses more than 10 million followers and continues in increase.

The producers of the movie "Jobs" not only considered the conditions actorales of Ashton Kutcher but also it was chosen by his notable one seemed with the leading deceased of Apple, since it is possible to estimate in the image that he accompanies on this note. As the argument will count the facts that led Steve Jobs to creating the company Apple, Steve Wozniak was summoned as consultant of the production of the film, to evoke those years of the decade of 1970 in which both partners and friends began inside a garage with a brand that would change to the world a few years later.

" The Woz " has appeared more that it agrees with the choice of the casting. " Many are afraid that Ashton has been chosen because he is a fashionable actor. But I feel that the choice was done in an as professional as possible way. And I am glad that it is in the movie. I believe that it will put very much I pawn in her and that especially he is interested in this project very much ". Also he added, in reference to Jobs's death: " Also a shame is that Steve Jobs has died. His opinions and advices for the production and the index of the movie it would have been invaluables. "

There is ignored for the present time the one who will be the actor who interprets the paper of the own Steve Wozniak. Consulted in the matter, "The Woz" curiously did not do any comment and only it exhibited a crafty smile.

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