Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FileServe and Wupload will stop sharing files

Both pages appear among the list of infringing the Paramount. From now users can only download content that it has loaded. Thus, both sites will be dedicated only to storing data in the Cloud

Closing Megaupload brought with inconvenience to other sites dedicated to storing files on the web. This time is for Wupload FileServe and they decided to eliminate its option to share content.

Both sites announced so far become known after appearing on the list of major violators of Paramount Pictures. In Argentina, the effects come up CUEVANA, getting part of their contents from Wupload.

In the ranking of the main offenders producer in the top five are FileServe, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles.

FileServe disabled the option to share files with other users, and since January has not enabled your rewards program. While it had reactivated the ability to share links, the site finally closed it again.

Thus, only registered users can download files themselves got into the page, and other data that have hung on the cloud.

Meanwhile, in November Wupload announced the closure of the subscription program, which significantly affect their traffic. Now, after appearing among the major violators of Paramount, was discharged the option to share.

Page circulated a warning message explaining that "all options were disabled sharing. If you upload a file, only you can download it and can not be shared with anyone else. "

Thus, both sites now offer private storage only in the cloud. Its traffic had suffered a sharp drop after the close of Megaupload and these new policy changes suggest that continue to decline.

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