Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unusual: The Next iPhone will be invisible?

The wave of rumors about the new smartphone from the Cupertino firm does not stop. Even one of them says the new gadget would be totally invisible. ¿Parody? In June we'll know.

In his long and rich history, Apple has always tried to be at the forefront of new technologies. Since the mouse and graphical interface, displays of Retina and continuous innovation in mobile technology, the Cupertino firm always knew how to combine innovation with compelling products to consumers.

Such business profile has also created a vast legion of fans of the brand, cementing a cult in some cases a religion similar to 2.0. Yes, it can sound a bit exaggerated, but who has not seen the vehemence with which the Apple Fanboys defend the company's new products and messianic devotion to expect every release.

But. Are the expectations are getting higher? This seems to be, and with each new announcement are hundreds of rumors that aim to advance a feature of the next gadget of the firm. Articles, photographs and even videos leaked reveal information (often erroneous) that contributes to further fuel the anxiety of the supporters of the brand.

How far can the innovation of Apple's mobile phones? This question is tested in each release of a new version of the iPhone and re-charge very relevant on the eve of release of version 5 of the same. ¿Revolutionize the industry with a new display? With a powerful processor or a better camera? Or just be limited to being a "Malibu Stacy hat"? indicate how often slyly from the path of the Android fanboys. The answer still did not know, but a video posted on YouTube for some time may bring us closer to it. Invisibility. Is that the next and long awaited breakthrough cell line most famous of the world? A terminal so revolutionary that we can not see it?.

In June (if calculations are correct) these questions are answered maybe. And if the prophecy is finally confirmed maybe we get used to see hundreds of people talking to the palm of your hand, while others exclaim "This technology was invented Wonder Woman 50 years ago!, Thieves".

Is an iPhone Invisible fulfill the (absurd) prophecy? Although it may seem strange, some may believe so.

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  1. I see a nice design in this new iPhone. Apple is doing good, and RIP steve jobs!