Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yahoo! fires 2000 employees

According to the company is "an important step forward to a bold new Yahoo!"

The furlough of this great mass of Yahoo! employees will represent 14% less total employees, although these dismissals were part of a larger restructuring plan in advance last week.

During his long crisis, Yahoo! already had previous reductions of its workforce, but never one as drastic as it was today. According tells AllThingsD, Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo!, to write "the changes are never easy" in the staff memo that laid off employees received was a bit more direct in the internal meeting with company executives that was held last night. Thompson, incorporated in January at Yahoo! from PayPal and a reputation as a "compulsive despedidor" apparently well-earned, strongly rebuked the priests of the company to bring the Internet giant to the critical situation it has today.

"Today's actions are an important step towards a bold new Yahoo!, smaller, agile, cost effective and better equipped to innovate as fast as our customers and industry require," Thompson declared in a letter received by employees. "Our goal is to return to our main purpose, to put our users first and sponsors, and move aggressively to achieve that goal," and added on the dismissal of 2000 people from the ranks of his company, "Unfortunately, that goal requires the difficult decision to eliminate positions. We deeply value our people and all that have contributed to Yahoo! "

Without specifying what, Yahoo! mentions certain "core business" to which more attention as part of its restructuring, which also projects (dismissal of employees by, of course) saving $ 375 million annually.

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