Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BlackBerry belies its withdrawal from the market

In relation to the evil moment of RIM the rumors speak about a purchase on the part of Nokia and Microsoft, or directly about a retreat of the market; and the company went out to deny the second thing.

They happen the months and RIM does not manage to go out of the storm with a course that does not stop being defined. The reports do not do any more that to return negative numbers, such it is so the first quarter of 2012 brought a setback of 19 % in comparison to the previous one. In addition a clear loss of 125 brought $ millions of dollars.

And while on the one hand they lose increasingly area on the corporate market, still they do not have the exit of the BlackBerry decisive 10 with that they expect to attract for the domestic user. The point is that so many Android since iOS has could be positioned very well for both segments, and then the specific offers are those that lose his attraction.

And if something abounds in moments of crisis they are the rumors, which are promoted by situations as the item of Jim Balsille, co-founder of the Canadian signature, and whom historical others decided to accompany.

One of the strongest at this moment is the possible pass of the company to Nokia's hands and Microsoft, from conversations that would have been taken again after the unsuccessful attempt at the end of 2011.

According to the come out ones, Nokia would stay at the expense of the interface of the operating system while Microsoft would be the person in charge of assuming the course of the managerial service, beginning with the integration of the servants Exchange on the service BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server).

But "the" "strongest" of the rumors is the one that indicates that RIM directly would leave the consumer market, leaving his users to to drift. Opposite to this the people of press of the signature spread a communiqué that says the following thing:

In relation to the advertisement of RIM's results last Thursday, we want to share with you the following thing:

The information that indicates that RIM will move back from the consumer market is totally erroneous. We are compromised by all our clients (of consumption and managerial). Whereas we announce our plans of refocusing the efforts in our principal strengths and in our base of managerial clients, we have been very explicit in that we will continue constructing on our strengths to go after specific segments of consumption. Between these strong points BBM is, as well as safety aspects and administration of our platform. Our CEO, Thorsten Heins mentioned the following thing in our call of results realized yesterday in the evening:

Though we announce that we would return to refocus ourselves in the corporate business, also we declare that it divides of competing in the segment of " bring his own device " [to the environment of work] it implies creating an offer adapted for the consumer. In way to BlackBerry's launch 10 and during the rest of our fiscal year FY13, it is fundamental for us to direct the sales of products based on BlackBerry 7 to support our subscribers' base. For it, we have the intention of stimulating of aggressive form the sale of smartphones BlackBerry 7 for direccionar the updates from previous products BlackBerry towards BlackBerry 7, and attract clients who have simple telephones towards BlackBerry 7 as his first experience with a smartphone.
We have new devices BlackBerry 7 programmed ones to go out in the next months in order to revitalize our position in the key segment of smartphones of level of entry, and support our efforts to continue growing our subscribers' base when updating clients who today possess simple telephones towards smartphones. We are seeking to do alliances to offer these contents and characteristics of consumption that are not central to the offer of BlackBerry's value, for example, applications of consumption of means.

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