Monday, April 2, 2012

Wikipedia will develop a database that can be read by machines

he project will create a collaborative Wikidata able to be accessible and editable by people and equipment. This service would use the new features of the Semantic Web

In a very ambitious project, the organization began to Wikimedia Wikidata evolved from a single database, collaborative, able to be accessible and editable by both humans and machines.

This service will serve as command central, global repository brain or structured file to feed the more than 280 editions of Wikipedia, no matter what language they are.

To carry out this project, the organization will leverage the benefits of the Semantic Web, to include common source data.

This system will be developed in three phases: the first is expected to be completed by August this year which will centralize the data links, the different language versions of Wikipedia, in a single repository.

In the second stage, which would be ready by December 2012, the editors and the addition and use data Wikidata in the articles. And finally the third part will allow the automatic creation of lists and charts based on the stored data.

This will be made available to all users worldwide, regardless of language, interesting data on population, dates and so on. Expanding repositories of lesser used languages​​.

The developers said they are expected to Wikidata data are integrated into the pages of Wikipedia articles in the sidebar already includes figures on population, calling code, dates of interest, among others.

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  1. well i know wikipedia wants to stay a non profit organization by delcining ads, and has been kept alive by fundraisers as way of donation, but i wonder if they will be able to keep up on this adventure with such monetary support.. wikipedia is basically the databse alphabet encyclopedia of the moment!