Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bono and The Edge, new shareholders Dropbox

The musicians have confirmed landing on the platform file storage. Bono also has the 1.5 of the shares of Facebook, which would be valued at almost 12 billion dollars.

Dropbox announced via his Twitter account that musicians Paul Hewson and David Evans, better known as Bono and The Edge of U2, have become shareholders of the company.

Bono's foray into the world of technology is not an isolated incident, as the singer of the popular Irish band also owns 1.5 of the actions of the social network Facebook. Through his firm Elevation Partners acquired in 2009 a package for which disbursed about $ 90 million, a big deal when you consider that after the signing of Mark Zuckerberg's released this percentage of shares will be worth almost 12 000 million, which would make Hewson in the world's richest rock. Elevation Partners has invested even Palm and Yelp, with mixed luck.

According to Forbes, it is expected that during 2012 Dropbox collect about $S240 million, even with 96% of its users using the free version of the service.

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