Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yahoo sued Facebook for patent violation

The company accuses the social network used without consent ten licenses, among which include the operation of privacy and publicity. "Unfortunately, the problems remain unsolved Facebook," explained

A few weeks after Facebook came out of the bag, offering stock of 5,000 million dollars, Yahoo! filed a lawsuit against the social network for patent violation.

The company explained in the text of the complaint that the licenses in question are related to the operation of privacy and publicity of the website.

"Yahoo! has invested substantial resources in research and development over the years, which resulted in numerous inventions patented technology acquired other companies under license. Unfortunately, problems remain unsolved Facebook, "said Yahoo! in a statement.

Demand accounts for a set of technologies that Yahoo! claims as his invention and found that Facebook use without your consent, as the presentation of personalized information, messaging service, systems of privacy or publicity , which is one of the pillars of the largest social networking site.

The company had warned the site created by Mark Zuckerberg you were using technology to record license and predicted that could initiate a complaint but modified their practices.

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