Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Firefox Flicks, the contest about "Mozilla's web managment"

The competition winners will be those who can transmit the video Mozilla premise: keep the power of the Internet in the hands of people. The prize is $ 5000 in video equipment, or a scholarship to film school.

Mozilla has released Firefox Flicks, a global contest of videos that will "transform the surfer-filmmaker." The contest is aimed at creative, film lovers and new technologies, which can crystallize in audiovisual material the democratic idea of ​​keeping Mozilla Internet in people's hands.

Participants must create an ad or video history (a flick) with duration of 30 seconds. The video must show the way to the Mozilla site.

Firefox Flicks is divided into four categories: best commercial of 30 seconds, best animation, best use of new technologies and best public service announcement. The competition is global and winners will be chosen by category and region, which also are four: one Latin, the other North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and finally Europe and Africa.

Million Firefox fans can watch the videos around the world, and Top Rated videos can be presented in the global marketing campaigns and services. A set of showbiz personalities will serve jury: Edward Norton, Shauna Robertson, Couper Samuelson, Jeff Silver and Ben Silvermam among other great names in the business of film will be present in the four international awards events of the videos.

I must say that the top positions in each of the four regions will receive, at its option, $ 5,000 in video equipment or a scholarship to study film. The secondary prize, meanwhile, is not negligible: a thousand dollars in video equipment. All who win also able to travel and attend the event in 2012 Firefox Flicks.

If you still need more information can always stop by the official contest page, where you can upload your videos, or check out the nice examples in the form of satire that gives us some movies Mozilla.

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