Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Microsoft designed the fastest touch screen out on the market

The giant screen operating system design that breaks the barrier put by Samsung.

Currently capacitive screens are really very advanced compared to touch screens that we could find in the first smartphones, with a delay or latency of around 100 milliseconds.

The company is at the tip when the speed is touchscreen Samsung with its Galaxy Note, which includes having a response Spen really amazing when you use it reaches 100 milliseconds.

Apparently, Microsoft would be willing to give more. Roasted what his team showed in a presentation in which technological progress can move quite astounding levels since the fluidity which recognizes touch is almost instantaneous, allowing drawing, writing, and to even play with a much more important .

The developer of Windows would have thought to include these technologies in tablets and notebooks that use the operating system of the company in its version 8. While the details are not too many, since the investigation is just beginning, it is mentioned that would overcome the barrier latency of 50 milliseconds.

With the help of a high-speed camera recorded Microsoft experiments with this technology so we can see how the screen reaches a reaction than those found in today's market

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