Monday, March 12, 2012

Nokia's Tablet: on sale in late 2012?

The Finnish company would start production by a 10-inch tablet equipped with Windows 8.

Rumors about the possible release of the first tablet from Nokia have again circular, and this time stronger than ever. According to information gathered by the site Digitimes, the Finnish firm had begun developing a 10-inch tablet that will run under Windows platform 8.

Digitimes has also held that the Taiwanese ODM Compal Electronic is awaiting authorization to begin Nokia manufacturing tasks, which include the assembly of 200,000 units to be produced during the first round.

Nokia's strategy suggests that the launch of the new gadget will be held during the last quarter of the year, after "Day One" planned by the U.S. Dell, who started marketing their tablets feature Windows 8 is officially just the operating system .

In turn, new rumors spread in the last hours show that the Finnish company would also seek to enter the market for tablet-pcs, so as to further intensify competition in the market for portable devices.

Will the design line of the series Lumia? Does the range include smaller screens? These and other questions have not yet been answered, but surely in the coming months new revelations emerge that allow to know a little more than one of the most anticipated by fans of the firm headed by Stephen Elop.

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  1. So many companies trying to compete with these tablets. I need to get my hands on a good one. I do wonder how the Nokia one will perform vs the other popular ones.. Nokia's time isn't exactly in its prime anymore.