Monday, March 12, 2012

NASA teaches us how to play the new Angry Birds Game

From the International Space Station astronaut will be basically explained as the new physical Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is a game that almost everyone knows, is in almost all cell phones and tablets and now you can play from the most used social network on the planet. Now, through this event, NASA announced that it collaborated with the fourth installment of the franchise to teach science while playing.

In this version the birds have to use different planets circular different gravitational fields to achieve its objectives, the pigs who have stolen their eggs. Pettit, an astronaut on the International Space Station explains and demonstrates how they work these trajectories of microgravity.

From space and gravity, "0" Dan Pettit is responsible to explain some basic concepts of gravity using a red bird and a globe, representing a pig.

The next installment of Angry Birds have 60 levels plus a secret bonus levels, new birds will also have unique qualities. The game will arrive to Google Android Play and iOS App Store for 22 March.

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