Monday, March 12, 2012

Anonymous leaked the Norton Antivirus Source Code

The group of hackers got the code for a service network "intelligence" of India.

A few months ago Anonymous Symantec threatened that he would publish a copy thereof and not until yesterday that the group finally released a version hackivista Code Norton Antivirus 2006 in the famous website downloading torrents (now magnet links) The Pirate Bay.

The file in question has a weight of 1.07 GB, which is the code of different versions of the product, aimed at consumers, business-oriented and other files from Windows, Unix and Netware.

The company still has not confirmed which of its departments the information was stolen but it is believed that the code was obtained from a network of intelligence services in India, since it needed the information to substantiate product safety. Symantec agreed to the request but then apparently forgot that they had the code and left in an unsecured network.

"It will not affect any current Norton product has no code in common with Norton Utilities 2006" said the company that developed the famous antivirus.

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