Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google pays $ 1.000 million dollars to Apple by year

So the signing of Mountain View is guaranteed to be the default browser Safari browser. This figure could rise in 2012.

Increasingly, companies that receive money from Google, best known web browser on the planet, so that when looking for something they do default on your platform. To mention a few companies can say Firefox or even the most arch-rival, Apple's Mobile Safari browser.

The amount of money that the big G has to put on the table for use as preferred search engine is quite large, since Apple just gave 1,000 million dollars during 2011.

These actions of Google are not just a whim, since according to Bussiness Insider, the company that owns the finder wins 1,300 million dollars from the revenue generated by searches in the IOS operating system, so it makes perfect sense to invest so much money in the rival company, though in matters of web browsers is behind compared to Android, and Opera.

Many rumors state that Apple thought would begin to discard the services of the firm in Mountain View, as the recent iPhoto does not have the maps from Google Maps, as known and used worldwide.

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