Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buying a printed Marvel comic will allow the access to the online version

The price is less than $ 4 per copy and obtain a paper copy and a fully digitized for viewing on PC or Tablets.

The remarkable growth of the tablets and eReaders makes the future of comics is closer to move from paper to digital, and while it is unlikely that this change takes place completely in the near future, more and more comics that are coming with a digital format that accompanies them.

Thanks to the genius of Marvel Comics now we buy every comic The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Amazing Spider Man, Wolverine and The X-Men for only $ $ 3.99, a code that will allow perform a digital download of it.

Last year this system started with a small test with The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man in which he wanted to see how receptive was the audience to this new format. The success of this experiment resulted in the addition of the Ultimate series with the same result, which the company confirmed the acceptance of consumers.

The digital format has a dual purpose as it serves to read our tablets and computers, in case we have a long journey and we have no place for our 200 comics, and also serves as backup in case a brother, nephew or puppy destroys them completely.

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