Saturday, March 17, 2012

Apple would release an iPad of 7.85 inches

The launch would be at year's end, and the information would come from a senior official from Samsung, a leading provider of Apple.

Under the unusual love-hate relationship that keep technology giants Samsung and Apple, overtook in RedUSERS would be in view of the Cupertino produce an iPad of 7.85 inches, smaller than the conventional.

True, last week at the launch of the New iPhone, Apple was expected to also launch a renewal of the tablet in a smaller format, which ultimately did not happen, only that Apple announced earlier versions of the iPhone would come out a little cheaper.

But do not despair: according to The Korea Times site, a senior manager in Samsung (from an anonymous source as well) would have revealed that later this year, Apple could launch a new version of iPhone, smaller, 7.85 inches.

"We expect the contract amount to 11 billion by the end of this year when Apple plans to launch a smaller iPhone, probably with a screen of 7.85 inches, and sells more MacBook Air using our fastest SSDs" said this source consulted by the South Korean half, confirming that the contract amount for 2012 (originally 9 000 700 000 000) may cause an increase due to implementation of any new product.

If the source is reliable, and considering that in 2011 Apple spent on inputs of more than 7 000 Samsung $ 800 million, making the South Korean firm in one of its main suppliers of displays, processors, disks and memory, and the trade agreement seems to be increasing their amounts at least to 2014 (last year of the contract between the companies), we could say that we are almost at the confirmation that the signature of the apple iPad launch other end of the year.

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