Saturday, March 17, 2012

It is confirmed that an investigation is under way to bring down The Pirate Bay

The hosting provider that hosts the. Was aimed at The Pirate Bay received a notice requesting the personal data of their owners, and simply provide the information available in Whois.

We had already advanced: a maneuver is coming over to The Pirate Bay cease to exist forever, and they know it and make fun of the authorities. In recent times confirmed the Swedish company hosting Biñero received an order of reporting that intimated to report the identity of domain registrants. Are owned by TPB.

Erik Arnberg, Biñero marketing manager, said "there is an ongoing investigation against TPB and we received a letter asking ourselves about them." However, they also made it abundantly clear that "we will not share any customer information unless is this an appropriate court order or a prosecutor to refer to applicable law. In this case, we have limited ourselves to respond to questioning by the data available through Whois services. "

According to the Whois service records, the owner of and other domains related to TPB's Fredrik Neij, one of the original site operators, who either tried and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

It is not known exactly what the purpose of research. The prosecution team is led by Frederick Ingblad specializing in crimes against copyright and is part of a division of the Swedish Justice dedicated to pursue the "pirates" and make resonant Swedish raids.

It is likely that the Swedish authorities decided to end what he tried to do in 2006: close to The Pirate Bay forever. Something as site administrators, it will be an almost impossible task to achieve.

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