Saturday, March 17, 2012

Already it is possible to unload the Firefox 11

The new version of the Mozilla browser is available for download and test users, and brings improvements over the version released in January.

The premise of the new version of Firefox (not yet final, but already available for download) is to provide new tools for web application developers, putting even more emphasis on that profile, because the browser is much appreciated for it.

One of the features that were improved in this case, user level, this version is the timing: now browser extensions can be used automatically from other device (provided you access this service provided by Mozilla). The import system has also been improved and now you can import from Google Chrome navigation data, as well as bookmarks, history and cookies.

Turning to the improvements for developers, we see an enhanced edition of styles, which allows changes in real time. Thus, the modifications made in the editing console (located in a part of the screen) can be displayed instantly on the website.

Also available is the review of 3D content pages DOM (Document Objetc Model), which allows developers to zoom and rotate the 3D model.

It also adds support for Growl 1.3 on Mac, with many programs stopped working, improved HTML5, CSS editor and rumored SPDY protocol support.

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