Saturday, March 17, 2012

The CEO of Nokia, against multi-core processors in smartphones

Stephen Elop said the single-core processors offer better performance when performing everyday tasks.

The Yangcheng Evening News site a few hours reproduced statements by Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, who said that the use of dual and quad core is not really justified in Smartphones and only represent "a more battery power."

According to Elop, this has already been demonstrated in campaigns in conjunction with Microsoft in many events (among them the CES and MWC 2012), which have aimed to show that a phone equipped with a single-core processor could perform tasks everyday more quickly than other CPUs equipped with two or four cores.

The last campaign of this type was tested in China, which offered 1,000 yuan (about 200 euros) to those who could beat the Nokia smartphones volecidad tests. According to the Finnish firm CEO, nobody could beat them.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Elop shares his rejection by the multi-core processors. Last January, in an interview with TechRadar site said: "You do not need a phone Quad Core unless you want to keep your hands warm in pockets."

Given the frantic development of mobile technology and hardware requirements that will need future versions of Windows Phone, is expected to change Nokia's strategy and processors end up taking two to four cores. Will then Elop think the same way?

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