Friday, April 13, 2012

Kaspersky threw an application to attack the virus Flashback in Apple

The laboratory put to disposition a free tool to be able to fight the Trojan Flashback, who in the last days affected more than 600 thousand equipments. In addition, they recommend to realize an update of Java.

The company of IT security Kaspersky put hands to the work, and a few days after the appearance of a vulnerability that affects the equipments Mac, threw an application to be able to attack this virus known as Flashback.

Apple already put to disposition two updates of Java to be able to attack the infection, but in addition one recommends to do a scanning of the equipment to know in that conditions he is.

The Trojan Flashback was designed to break the defenses of the Mac and it is a question of a variation of a virus normally directed the PC that Windows use the operating system. 

In a few days this infection concerned more than 600 thousand Apple's computers, which historically have presented as different feature his safety.

Before this, Kaspersky announced a free application called Flashfake Removal Tool that eliminates any type of infection caused by Flashback. 

This tool first will do a scanning to find the infection, then it will take the necessary steps in order that, in case the Trojan has penetrated the equipment, to eliminate it. Finally it is necessary to to realize the update of Java to end with the process.

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  1. Yeah and Apples were always known for being immune to viruses. Looks like that changed